Buying vs. Adopting

Let me start off by saying this is not a post written to bash breeders. This is not a post to judge those that have/do buy from breeders. This is my personal blog, where I state my personal opinions, as well as try to promote adopting and fostering. I welcome readers to comment, and share experiences and opinions, as long as it is done in a polite respectful way.


Being a part of a rescue, or volunteering in a shelter, can be a life changing, eye opening experience. You learn about the cruel people out there, who harm helpless beings for unknown reasons. You realize just how many dogs there are in need of homes. You hear the sad, silly, ridiculous, and sometimes understandable, reasons that an owner gets rid of a family pet.


This happy boy, pictured above, is Daddy. He looks to be a pure bred American Bulldog, and he has been in Last Hope Rescue for two years, waiting on a home. He is sweet, smart, well behaved…yet, for some reason, people continue to pass him by, never giving him a second glance. If you have never met an American Bulldog, well you are missing out! They are goofy, and always up to something. They love life, and you will be sure to laugh at them every day. Seriously, go find one and say hello…you’ll be so glad you did! Better yet, adopt one!!


Harley is another adorable girl, who has been in Last Hope Rescue for way too long. She is spunky and smart, and so deserving of a forever home!

I used to understand the appeal of a pure bred dog, coming from a breeder, but now..not so much. Yes, I know that some breeders are wonderful. They take extremely good care of their dogs, they are committed to finding good forever homes, and they require their dogs to be returned to them, if it ever comes to that. Some people show their dogs in competitions. I get those people needing to purchase pure breeds. Although, dog shows should really start featuring mixed breeds…isn’t life exciting because we are all different from one another?!


This gorgeous boy is Joffy. He’s also been in Last Hope for over two years, being boarded because there aren’t any available foster homes for him, and no adopters to give him a forever home. He is sweet, energetic, and loving.

I have said it so many times before, there ARE pure breds in shelters. There are rescues dedicated to certain breeds. I personally know someone that works with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida.  This rescue is very strict about which dogs they accept into their program, because they pride themselves on being a Labrador rescue. That is perfect, because it gives people an opportunity to have a pure bred while still rescuing! You can find puppies, young adults, and seniors of all breeds, through various rescues and shelters. If you are patient, and willing to research, you CAN find the dog of your choice.

Rescuing saves lives. It is that simple. If you adopt from a shelter, that is obvious, you have saved that dog’s life. If you adopt from a rescue, you are giving a dog a chance at a family, as well as making room for another dog to be rescued. If all our our foster homes (or kennels) are filled, there is no room for another homeless dog.



I wish that every person who was looking for a new dog, would adopt a homeless pup, through a rescue or a shelter, one that is truly in need of love and patience and kindess. If we all saved just one life, maybe eventually every dog would have a home. Until then, I hope you all will join me in volunteering, fostering, and networking to help those that cannot help themselves.

If you have a moment to do some browsing…Take a look at this site… This is an awesome project by photographer, Mary Shannon Johnston. She started a year long project, taking pictures of these dogs that are located in a shelter by a landfill. They rarely get visitors, and never get any exposure. So she set out to try to help save lives. You will see gorgeous pictures of dogs in need. Ms. Johnston lists all of the necessary information about the adoptable dogs, including the amount of days that the dog has been in the shelter. One of the dogs has been in the shelter for 475 days…

4 thoughts on “Buying vs. Adopting”

  1. I really loved this post. It is at the back of my mind that my second one (whenever it happens) will be an older rescued “purebred”. This is because I absolutely LOVE goldens. It is the only “purebred” that I really want, but I absolutely will not buy. Just, no. I find myself browsing Golden Retriever rescues every now and then 🙂 I also LOVE labs. There are just SO many labs at shelters it AMAZES me.

    1. Thank you! I have always wanted an English Bulldog, and a senior Golden Retriever (bc I love how beautiful their gray faces are)! Yes, I agree about Labs. There are SO many in shelters. I think it is because they are stubborn and high energy as young adults, and people just want them to be perfect little puppies. Most dogs don’t mature until around age 3. If adopters/buyers would just give these wonderful beings a chance, there would be much less dogs in shelters!

  2. What a great blog entry! Looking at the Landfill dogs site, seeing those beautiful faces and reading the number of days some of them have lived in a shelter, brought tears to my eyes. Hoping that people who have time and room in their lives to love one of these dogs will get themselves to the adoption event in NC or motivate them to contact you or any other rescue or shelter.

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