The Love of Dogs

Sitting at my desk, answering the phones, looking through medical records, reviewing medication lists, when I feel a pittie paw grabbing my arm. It’s time for Oscar’s daily hug. He puts his paws on my lap, I wrap my arms around him to give him a big hug, and his tail wags furiously. This happens multiple times a day, and it never fails to make me happy. Sometimes though, he decides that a hug isn’t enough, and he struggles to get all the way up into my lap. I pull him up on to my lap, and he tip toes around trying to find a spot, I wrap my arms around him, and he settles in for a full on lap cuddley hug.



This got me thinking about ways that my dogs show me their love. They obviously can’t tell me with words, but I personally do believe that dogs have emotions. Maybe not the same as humans, maybe not as complex, but I do believe that they “feel” things.

Oscar shows me his love by wanting those hugs, by wanting to cuddle from time to time too. I think it also shows love when I can see how much he trusts me. For example, although he is crazy for food and doesn’t like it if other dogs come near him when it’s eating time, I can take anything from him at any time. I test him all the time, taking bones, toys, treats, etc away from him. He never ever has any aggression, and just stares at me, wagging his tail, waiting to get the item back. Another way I know he loves and trusts me, is when he is getting in trouble. He is never scared of me, never threatened. Even if he is in trouble (which is often), I can still see the love and trust in his eyes. I think another a form of love is when he listens, and follows my commands. This shows a bond between us. It shows how much he trusts in me as his pack leader. I also love how Oscar is with Jayden. He is very much a pain in the butt, sneaky, naughty little brother! He steals Jayden’s toys. He loves to go jump on him and smother him in kisses. It’s funny because while Oscar is playful with me, it is a different dynamic with Jayden.

Oscar8 Oscar7

Then there is my little princess. She is not a cuddler, and will actually growl if you disturb her (though there is never any aggression or movement behind the growls). So Lucy shows her love in a different way. She never leaves my side. The door could be wide open, or we can be out with no leash, and I can say her name one time, and she comes running. She never (ok, almost never) jumps up on the couch or the bed, without waiting for me to say it’s ok. That’s actually really funny, because Jayden ALWAYS tries to get her to jump up, but she won’t do it until I give her the ok. This is not something I trained her on. She is just that good of a dog! Wherever we are, she keeps her eyes on me. She can be running ahead, or just walking on leash, and she will stop every few minutes to look back, as if to say “You good, Mom? Keep going?” This shows me how much she trusts and loves me.  Every single night without fail, she curls up in my bed, right next to me, and doesn’t move until morning. This is the only time she likes to be really close, and I know it is her way of saying, “I love you.”


And then I wonder, how do the dogs tell each other about the love they feel?

 Dogs2 Dogs3Dogs4

There is a whole lot of love in my home, that’s for sure!


How does your dog show their love ???


2 thoughts on “The Love of Dogs”

  1. Dottie runs to me, does a full body wiggle, gives me a good “ROOOOO” and I know she’s happy to see me or when she rolls over for those belly rubs. Boomer on the other hand runs to great me by lowering his head and showing his teeth in the biggest smile and at night he sleeps on my feet.

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