Fellow Dog Lovers

A week or so ago, I spent some time writing a long post about the importance of having your dog’s back, and what it takes to adopt a dog, etc. If you missed that, you can check it out HERE. So, now I thought I would talk about some of the special people in my life that DO in fact have their dog’s back (in no particular order).

#1-One of my oldest, closest friends, Sandy, has a senior Basset Hound, AJ. He was actually a roommate and friend of my Basti’s, who passed away several years ago. AJ has been through a few moves, was best friends with the resident cat who has since passed away, and he has welcomed the two human siblings with nothing but happiness. This last year has been hard on him though. He has been through emergency surgery due to bloat. Thankfully Sandy was home at the time, and she recognized right away that something was wrong. AJ made it through the surgery, but has had a few complications since, and the stress has aged him, physically. Through all of this, Sandy (and her hubby, Eric) have done everything possible to love and care for AJ. Even before the medical issues, they often take him with them if they go out of town. They love him for his howling Basset behaviors…which are hilarious, by the way! Sandy and her family, definitely have AJ’s back and I am honored to call them my friends!

AJ and his human sibling, Callie
AJ and his human sibling, Callie

#2-Next is my previous foster, Lola’s, adopters.  I have raved about them before, but they deserve constant praise. It is no secret how much I love Lola. Out of the  ten dogs I have fostered, she is the only one that I had a hard time saying goodbye to, and even cried over a few times as well. (That’s nothing against my other fosters!) So, you can be sure if I love these people, there is a reason! They definitely always have their dogs backs! They are positive pit bull advocates. They have put both Lola & her doggie sis, Yage, in training classes, and both passed the CGC test. They have worked very hard with Lola on her extreme car anxiety/sickness. They are always doing what is best for their dogs, caring and loving them, helping them feel secure, safe, and loved.

Lola (on the left) and her doggie sister, Yage
Lola (on the left) and her doggie sister, Yage

#3-My parents also have their dogs’ backs. They have an English Cocker Spaniel named Trixie, and a devil Chihuahua named Tinks. Both my mom and dad take the girls on several, very long walks a week. They get a treat whenever my dad walks in the house, and this has started the habit of extremely loud barking by Trixie until she gets the treat! My mom is always bathing them, checking them for ticks after the trail walks, and making sure they are well cared for.  Trixie is a bit older now, and has begun to have seizures in the last couple of years, as well as having issues with incontinence. My mom got Trixie right to the vet when each of these issues were happening, and got her on the medicine that she needed. These things might seem simple, but there are so many dog owners that do not do these things for the pets. Especially when a pet begins the aging process, owners will sometimes dump the dog in a shelter instead of providing them with the care they deserve. My parents also opt for pet-friendly hotels when vacationing whenever possible, so that the girls can go with them. Trixie is fiercely loyal to my mom, and Tinks is a naughty devilish dog. But my parents love them, no matter what!

Trixie taking a boat ride, just one of their many adventures!
Trixie taking a boat ride, just one of their many adventures!
Yup...that's a bed, on top of the couch.
Yup…that’s a bed, on top of the couch.











#4-The next person I want to mention is another adopter. Sassy came to me as a puppy, and ended up being very sick. She made it through though, and was adopted pretty quickly. Then about 4 months later, she was returned. Now she was a 7 month old, unruly, untrained, crazy puppy. She did not know any basic commands, not even “sit”. So I worked with her, literally telling her every day that she had to become a valuable member of society! Then along came Jan. A very sweet woman, who drove from GA to Tally, to meet Sassy. She sat right on my living room floor, and loved on Sassy. She asked all kinds of good questions, and I explained with full honesty that Sassy needed some training, but that I knew she was worth the time and patience. The rest is history, as they say, and Sassy was adopted. Her name is now Kali, and she is so loved and cared for! Jan often takes Kali out to her lake house, where she gets to go swimming and play with fellow dogs. Jan also took her through an obedience class, which Kali passed with flying colors. This is a perfect example of an owner having a dog’s back. Jan understood what Kali needed, and she has given it to her, to help her be the best dog she can be. It makes it so much easier to say goodbye, when you know that your foster dog is going to such a fantastic home! 

Kali (on the right) enjoying the good life!
Kali (on the right) enjoying the good life!


These examples are just a FEW of the wonderful dog owners in my life! There isn’t enough time or room to mention everyone, but I truly am honored to know so many fantastic people who love and care for their dogs as family pets.

Please feel free to share, either below in the comments or on my Facebook page, about the many ways you have your dog(s) back! I would love to hear your stories!!

*Disclaimer: I may or may not have stolen some of these pictures from the mentioned person(s) facebook pages. To those mentioned, I know you all are used to my stalking and stealing ways, so I assume you don’t mind! 😉 

2 thoughts on “Fellow Dog Lovers”

  1. We are so honored to be included in your list! All I can say is the more you have your dogs’ backs, the deeper your bond will be with them. As much as the girls loved us before we took the obedience class, AFTER we took it all together they love us more and they love each other more.

    And now a funny Lola story. We had a few people over for a bonfire the other night. My husband made the fire so big that in order to roast marshmallows we had to get really long sticks. Lola decided that these huge sticks were made for her to play with — she ran from one marshmallow-roaster to the next and tried to take their sticks from them, grabbing the end of the sticks in her mouth.

    Thanks again for the wonderful blog AND for rescuing so many pups!

  2. Thank you, my friend! 🙂 We feel so honored to be highlighted in your blog. You are an inspiration for all you do for our canine friends. ❤

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