Positive Vibes Needed.

“Ooh November…you have seriously sucked so far & I wish you’d take a hike!”

Those were my thoughts this morning, as I picked up my cracked iPhone up off the driveway. I knew I should have put the case back on. I should have put my phone in my purse, instead of holding it. I know it’s just a material item. But still….it sucked. Moving on…

Over the weekend, we had a scare. Just as the kid & I were about to head out for the day, Jayden told me that Lucy had a rash and I should really go look at it. Lucy tends to have random allergic reactions to things, so I wasn’t worried but went to go see what he was talking about. Well there was no rash. There was a huge disgusting pus filled bloody lump on her chest. So off to the vet we went! They shaved her chest, cleaned the wound…I had to convince the vet that Lucy is an inside dog, and that no, there are not kids with BB guns around my neighborhood! He thought it looked like a puncture wound of some sort. I however think it was a spider bite. I have been bitten by a brown recluse, and her wound looked just like mine did. Anyway, she is on antibiotics now, and has some pain meds for the first couple of days, and she is much better now! Next on the list…

The wound, after being shaved and cleaned up
The wound, after being shaved and cleaned up


She got to spend the rest of the day with me, so I could keep an eye on her.
She got to spend the rest of the day with me, so I could keep an eye on her.


When we got home from the vet visit, I went to let the other dogs out. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my favorite red ceramic flower pot fell and cracked into pieces. I rushed to pick it up so the dogs wouldn’t get hurt, and….sliced my finger open. Have you ever tried to wash your hair with a cut index finger? It’s hard. Next disaster…

Oscar has decided that it would be fun to go under the fence, and run around in an orthopedic office parking lot. I have covered the hole up, but he continues to move the wood and chicken wire, wiggles under it, and hangs out in the parking lot until I drive around to get him. This has happened THREE times now. The first time when I found him, he came happily running, as if to say “Hey Mom! What are YOU doing here? I’m running! Wheeee!” The last two times were at night, and he came running to the car, tail between his legs, looking pretty scared. “Ahh, yeah you fool, it’s a scary world in the woods at night!” I have now learned my lesson, and he is no longer allowed out without my supervision  or being on the long leash. He’s pissed about that.

"Who me?!"
“Who me?!”

There have been a few other things that I am not going to bother talking about, because well what’s the point. Just know that this month has sucked so far, and it’s only the 12th day.

Lessons learned so far:

1-Spiders suck. Actually, they bite. And I hate them. Nothing can ever change my opinion of them. Ever.

2-I should be thankful for my ten fingers, because it is hard to do ordinary tasks when one is out of commission.

3-Oscar is a naughty sneaky boy. He’s lucky I love him so much.

4-Lucy is my princess. Loyal and loving, would NEVER run away like that bratty dog mentioned above. And, she’s a trooper. No, a warrior. A warrior princess. Like Xena.

5-People suck sometimes. They don’t follow through. They judge. They don’t do their jobs. It’s life, but it still annoys me.

On a more positive note, I got to do something very exciting (for me anyway) on Sunday! I got a call from my wonderful friend & president of Last Hope Rescue. She said “What would you say if I told you that we have a foster specifically for Pace, and we can pull him today?” I answered with some excited yelling and shrieking, and then got all of the details. To make a long story short(ish), there is a great lady from the Animal Shelter Foundation, who loves Pace just as much as I do. She has a friend who owns a doggie daycare, who has met Pace….basically, this friend was willing to become a foster for LHR, and LHR agreed to pull Pace! So I had the honor of going to the shelter, signing Pace over to LHR, and giving him his official freedom ride!!

Pace3 Pace1 Pace2


Every time I would go visit Pace at the shelter, I would tell him, “I came to see you because I just needed some Pace in my life!” And every time I would leave, I had a heavy heart, worried that he would not be there when I came back…and not because he had been adopted. I cannot explain to you just HOW happy I am that he is now in the safe hands of Last Hope Rescue. His foster is wonderful, well experienced, and has a dog that is great with Pace. Now we just have to find him a forever home! So, here are the details…Pace is a 2 yr old, Australian Cattle dog mix. He is very smart, and SO sweet. He LOVES people, and likes to give hugs! He is energetic, and would make a great agility or running partner. As excited as he can be though, when you go to hand him a treat, he completely calms down and takes it ever so gently from your hand. With a good pack leader, and basic obedience training, I ASSURE you, Pace will be the BEST, most perfect dog ever! Please share him with anyone you know that might be looking for a dog. I promise, they too will be happy to have some Pace in their life!!!

So, that’s all for now. Feel free to send some good vibes my way, just in case more bad things are on the horizon! (ok ok, I’ll try to end the pity party now…)

Happy Tuesday, my friends!

14 thoughts on “Positive Vibes Needed.”

  1. Awwww, that was too much all at once! Deep cleansing breaths. I’m glad the universe put a some balance in your life with the news about Pace. Hopefully there will be more moments like that and less moments that torture you!!

  2. I’m glad that Oscar (damned escape artist) hasn’t gotten TOO far away from you. And Lucy is def a good girl. My girl will sit back and watch the boys get in trouble time and time again. LOL. She knows better. haha. Glad Lucy is okay.

    1. haha yes, that is just like Lucy. If I see her running towards the door looking for me, I know the naughty boy is doing something wrong! lol Thank you! xo

  3. Sending purrs your way. Sorry about your bad luck. Things will get better. I’ve never washed my hair with a sliced finger, but I did make the mistake of dropping a hammer on my pinkie toe, then caught it on a plastic crate and then smacked it against a cast iron tub. My disasters generally happen in threes.

  4. Sending a ton of positive vibes your way! Hoping that the rest of the month is better than it has been so far. Will try to make sure I am not any part of making your life sucky!

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