Product Review!

I am so excited to be doing my very first product review!! I reached out to this company, and asked to sample a product and in return, I would offer a free review of the product. The opinions are solely my own.

So, here are the details:

Animal Naturals, website:

The company was founded by Bob Fritz, who believes that all-natural products are the way to go. You can read all about how he came up with this company on their website, under the “About Us” section.

Animal Naturals has TONS of products for cats, dogs, horses, and people. Many products are gluten-free, and ALL products are made in the USA! Their products cover all sorts of needs, including joint strength, immune system, and weight. They have treats, vitamins, supplements, and shampoos.


I had told the rep all about Oscar and his history, and asked him to just send whatever he thought would be beneficial for my boy! A few days later, we got a package in the mail, which included the Animal Naturals Joint Strong  This is a supplement, in powder form for “natural joint support plus antioxidants.” The benefits of this supplement include:

  • supports health joints and flexibility
  • helps maintain joint mobility
  • supports connective tissue
  • supports joint tissue health


The whole label is very informative, explaining what your dog will get out of this product, as well as how to administer it, based on weight.


I started giving this supplement to Oscar as soon as it arrived. As far as taste goes, I really can’t say because Oscar will pretty much eat anything! I actually also gave some to Lucy, who is much more picky, and she had no problem with it. So, I figure that, with the fact that it doesn’t smell bad, must mean it doesn’t taste bad either! Oscar has had it added to his breakfast every day for about two weeks now, and I truly feel that it has helped him. He seems less sore after exercise, which is always a concern for him. In fact, I forgot to give it to him twice when we were recently out of town, when he had lots of playtime. He was very sore after (bad doggie mom!). I immediately started giving him the supplement again, and with the same amount/type of play, there was definitely a noticeable difference in his amount of limping. That right there sold me on this product!

Oscar, after some water play time!
Oscar, after some water play time!


As I mentioned before, the opinions stated in this post are completely my own, after use of the product and seeing the benefits it provided to my boy. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone looking for all-natural products for their pets (or for themselves)! So, go check them out, and buy something! 🙂

Now here’s a video of Oscar playing in the water, for your viewing pleaseure! Hope you’ve had a great weekend!



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