Throwback Thursday!

Oscar & I have been out of town all week, and we are both exhausted! Luckily he doesn’t have a training class tonight, so I kept him home from doggie daycare, and we’re all going to relax tonight as soon as the work day is over! (As I type this, he is snoring loudly on the couch, so obviously someone already got started on the relaxing!)

I wanted to do an easy post today, so I thought I’d join in the whole “Throwback Thursday” craze!

This is Toby! He was one of my very first fosters, and he was quite the experience! Read his story here and an update on him here!


What are your favorite Throwback Thursday moments? Feel free to share! I love to hear about you and your pups! 🙂

One thought on “Throwback Thursday!”

  1. My first “foster failure” was an Anatolian Shepherd! I was a teenager, and my mom & I were with a White German Shepherd Dog rescue at the time. We were told to go look at a dog that loosely matched the descripition of a German Shepherd Dog. We arrived after driving for hours, only to find that “Booker” was an Anatolian Shepherd Dog. He came home with us anyway, where he met Molly, our WGSD puppy. Booker had barely gotten his bearings in his new “foster” home when Molly, being a playful, energetic, and mischevious little girl, grabbed a hand towel from the laundry basket and ran down to the basement, hoping we would chase her. Before we knew what was happening, Booker calmly ran down after her, and returned with the towel, giving it to my mom. Molly was right behind him, her tail wagging with excitement. Molly and Booker bonded quickly and the rest was history. Both Booker and Molly both became therapy dogs!

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