Simply Friday

Good morning friends! Since it’s Friday, and I’m tired & need to get to work, I am going to do a simple post today…it’s actually more work for you than me!

I am reaching out to all of my blogging friends today to help get more Facebook followers. Many of you have a Facebook page for your blog. If that is the case, can you please share my Tails of a Foster Mom Facebook page, to help me get more followers? You can share a particular post, or the page in general, or any of the pictures and posters that I post. I have 131 likes right now and would be SO very excited if I could get to 200! Would you please help me?? And to all of my non-blogger friends, you can feel free to share the page on your personal pages too!

I think it is so important to share dogs in need, as it does truly save lives. After all, Oscar wouldn’t be alive if it hadn’t been for people networking and spreading the word about him! I also think it is important to give shout outs to our friends, and to share each other’s posts. We are a community in the blogging world, and we should stick together in our goal of telling the world about dogs! So, please take a minute to share my Facebook page with your followers!

Don’t forget, my favorite shelter dog, Pace, is STILL up for adoption at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter!!


Have a happy Friday & a great weekend, everybody!!



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