Remembering Tragedies

While I always think it is important to focus on the positive, and move towards the future, it is also important to remember what has happened in our past. To remember where we have come from, and what we have been through. For the anniversary of 9/11, I know many people are thinking of where they were on that day, what they were doing, who they were with. I was working at Home Depot as a returns cashier. A construction worker came in to buy some supplies, and was telling me what he had just heard on the radio. Then another guy came in, and said that the second building had been hit. As I was thinking about the chaos and fear that must have been going on in NYC, I then got a call from my roommate, asking if I had heard from my brother. My big brother was a policeman, working at the Pentagon…and the Pentagon had just been hit as well. After frantic calls and texts, we finally got through to my brother and he was safe. He had worked the night shift and was at the gym working out when all of this was happening. That could have ended so differently though…and it did, for so many people. I think of course of the ones who lost their lives, as they were filled with fear and pain. But also of the ones who lost husbands, sisters, fathers, brothers, mothers, etc. They have to relive this every year, wondering what their friend or family member was going through, feeling that sense of loss that I assume probably never fully goes away. And then there are the wonderful heroes that flooded NYC to help the victims. Firemen, policemen, people of the USA, coming from all over the nation, to help in any way they could. I also think about the military men and women who have been fighting the war that is the result of 9/11, including my dear friend’s husband, who lost his life in this war. It is important today to remember those who have lost their lives, as well as anyone who has been effected by these events. Say a prayer for them. Send them peaceful, healing thoughts. And thank a member of the military today.

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