I’m Famous!!

Ok, well not exactly, but I have some very exciting news!! A post that I wrote a couple of months ago has been featured in a MAGAZINE!!!!!!!! Eeeeek!!

I was contacted by the editor of The New Barker regarding a specific post I did. She liked my post and wanted to feature it in her magazine. Whaattttt!! The New Barker is a Florida based magazine, all about doggies! It has some wonderful articles, and now my blog post is included! Check out The New Barker Facebook page HERE!



Look Look! That's MY name!
Look Look! That’s MY name!


Basically the editor takes information, articles, and dog related events she finds online and in the community, and includes it into her magazine, as well as guest articles. She just happened to come across my blog, liked my post enough to include it, and I am so honored! She was then wonderful enough to send me a few copies of the magazine! So I will share that with my parents and…I don’t know who else!

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I think it is so awesome that Last Hope was mentioned too, because we often find that it is a struggle to get our name out there. Being that we are a rescue group based off of foster homes, and run by all volunteers, it’s not like we can afford tons of marketing! Now we are mentioned in a Florida based magazine…so maybe, just maybe, we will get an adoption or two out of it!

If you would like to see my post that was featured, check it out here! And if you see The New Barker for sale, buy it! It’s really a great magazine, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single article I’ve read!!


Have a great night!! 🙂

12 thoughts on “I’m Famous!!”

  1. Hi Rebecca, we loved your post and found your perspective on letting go relevant. We actually received a very special handwritten note thanking us for featuring the article. Just to clarify, 99% of the articles are original and written exclusively for The New Barker. Including your post in the summer issue was an extraordinary exception. We are glad we found you.
    All the best,
    Anna Cooke/Editor
    The New Barker Dog Magazine

    1. Hi Anna! Wow, that is awesome about the note re my article! Thank you for sharing, and for the info re the magazine. Did you get my emails? I hope so! Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of the issue!

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