Puppy Goodness!

If you follow the Tails of a Foster Mom Facebook page, you know that I have so many things to talk about! You also know that we have a new temporary foster baby!! I decided since that situation is only temporary, I should talk about the puppy first!

Meet Apollo!


Apollo was at a local shelter, on the urgent list, and his time was quickly running out. Being that he was a Boxer, a young puppy, and reminded me of Lucy, I just couldn’t pass him up! So I begged the powers that be, and Last Hope Rescue was able to pull him. I am fostering him for a few days, and then he will go on to a permanent foster, where he’ll be until adoption.

Since he came to our house first, we got the joy of naming him! Jayden is obsessed with the Rocky movies, and I wanted to do something clever…so, we picked Apollo…like Apollo Creed, the boxer!

443Apollo is about 10-12 weeks old, and has all of the wonderful puppy things….

like a little puppy face….

448 446

and tiny puppy paws…


a big fat puppy belly…


Apollo is pretty much pure perfection!


He is getting along great with the dogs of the house. He & Oscar are best buddies, chasing each other around and rough housing! Petey couldn’t really care less about him. And Lucy…she’s just trying to make sure he is not an archenemy (a cat)!

Oscar & Apollo are besties!

He is doing well with potty training, and goes potty every time we got outside, with only ONE accident in the house so far. That’s pretty impressive! He is not happy about crate training, but he settles down after some howling, and I know he’ll get the hang of it soon!

So, that is sweet little Apollo! If you think you have the perfect home for Apollo, please email Last Hope Rescue at LastHopeRescueFL@gmail.com!

Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Puppy Goodness!”

  1. I knew you couldn’t resist him…he’s beautiful…hope he finds that forever home where he will be loved for the rest of his life… Thanks for saving another life!

    1. I definitely couldn’t! Luckily te rescue has had a few adoptions and a foster home opened up, just in time! 🙂

    1. Great!! The rescue is run by all volunteers, who also have full time jobs, so please allow 24-48 hrs for a reply. We will get back to you! Thank you for your interest in Apollo! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness…the cuteness abounds! Love the pic with him sitting on Oscar. You are truly the best! Apollo (love the name, by the way) is one lucky pooch to have found you! I know he will find a home in no time!

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