We got skillz!

Hey dudezzzz! It’s me, Oscar!! My mom has been super busy with work and something about my human brother starting somethin’ called schewl I think. Anyway, I thought since she’s so bizzzy, I would take over her blog thingy!

Look at me. Aren’t I the most cutest pittie you’ve ever seen?!


Lately my mom’s been talking about this training thing that she signed me up for, and how we have to practice some basic skillz. Something about wanting me to have a leg up on the other dogs….what’s my legs gots to do with it?! Anyway, I have seriously perfected the “sit”, and I’m pretty good at “down.” My mom thinks I have a hard time laying down sometimes because of my leg, but it’s really just because I’m being sneaky! Shh, don’t tell her!



Here’s one where we were supposed to lay down, but I wanted to be sure I was seen in the picture, duh! Look how scared my sissy looks. She’s so weird!


I’m having a hard time with the whole “stay” thing. I just wants that treat my mom haz! Why does she torture me by makin’ me stayz far away?!

My mom also tries to be naughty sometimes, getting me to practice with NO treatz in sight! I do not like that, so sometimes I refuse to do what she wants…at least for a little while. Then she promises to give me a carrot or a frozen asparaguthingy, and then I do’z it for her.

A fun thing about this training stuff, is my mom always lets us have fun out in the yard before she starts making me practice! I sure do LOVE to chase my sister around!


Anywayz, I better get going now. I’ve got some napping & sunbathing to do! 010



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