Adorable & adoptable!

A few months ago I did a post about a new pup to the rescue, Hope. She was picked up as a stray, by a Good Samaritan, who was determined to help but couldn’t keep her. Luckily, thanks to a new foster and lots of generous donations, Last Hope Rescue was able to help! At first it was thought that Hope would need immediate surgery due to a prolapsed rectum. She also was heartworm positive, and needed to be spayed.


Since she has come to LHR, it has been determined that she does not need surgery on the prolapsed rectum. It seems that if Hope is kept healthy and has regular vet check ups, she can live with this and be perfectly fine! So, the next step was treating the heartworms. This was no fun for sweet Hope! She is a lover, and adores dogs and people. This made it hard for her to endure TEN weeks of confinement. No playing, no excitement; remaining calm and quiet at all times. If Hope got too excited and worked her heart too much during treatment, it could be fatal. (For more details on heartworms, click here.)

But all of that is passed her now, and Hope has a clean bill of health! The heartworms are completely cured, and have NO lasting or permanent effects. She just needs to be spayed, and Hope will be ready for her forever home!  I have personally met this pup, and she is SO happy, sweet, and ADORABLE!! Her tail seems to always be wagging!


If you think Hope sounds like the perfect dog for your home, please email Last Hope Rescue at! And if you can’t adopt this sweet girl, please share in HOPE’s of finding her fur-ever family! (haha get it…Hope’s = Hope!)

*PS-Hope is a perfect example of why it is so important to keep your dog on monthly heartworm preventative. Please don’t make your dog go through what Hope has had to endure!

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