Full Disclosure…

Last week I told you guys about a meet & greet that Hambone had. Well, it didn’t work out. The couple was nice enough to call and say that it wasn’t going to work. They didn’t give a reason, but that’s ok. I would much rather someone say no, than say yes and end up returning the dog. And I greatly appreciate the communication, instead of just never hearing from them again, like so many other people have done.

So, in the meantime, it turns out that I have a previous foster dog being returned…I’ll get to that in a minute. This situation means Hambone has to go to another new foster home. If I had a big house and a nice big yard, I’d make it work with the four dogs, but it would be way too much in this little ol’ townhouse, especially with school about to start back up for the kiddo. I hate to have to do that to Hambone, BUT….amazingly enough, after posting on the Last Hope facebook page asking for a new foster, Hambone now has THREE people wanting to adopt him!! Applications are being processed to find the BEST home for him. And one of the potential adopters has also offered to foster him in the event that none of them work out, and he’d get to go to doggie daycare (her work) with her every day! Fingers crossed for Hammy B!


Now on to the part that I’ve been dreading…I was hoping to never have to write this kind of post…especially about this particular pup.

You might remember about a month ago, I posted about Petey having some behavior problems. Well unfortunately those issues have continued and gotten worse. Petey has broken two kennels, ruined two door frames, caused himself to bleed (teeth & paws). He has also growled at both Sam & Daphne. And recently, he bolted out the front door. He also has some new behaviors that make me think he was maybe abused at the previous adopter’s home. (Remember, he’s already been returned to me once.)  This is something I thought the day I picked him up, but nothing can be proved or done about it now. Anyway, between myself and the rescue ladies, we have offered lots of advice to help resolve the situation. Sam has taken Petey to the vet, he uses a thundershirt, tried different anxiety meds, gives lots of one-on-one attention, takes regular walks and trips to the dog parks…nothing has helped. The summer thunderstorms have only made the situation worse, as Petey has major storm anxiety. Sam & Daphne are both active, work full time jobs, and are a young couple…with Petey’s behaviors, it was basically making them feel like they couldn’t leave the house. This has been going on for a few months, and after lots of discussions, they made the decision that their home is not the best place for Petey. He really needs someone that is home 99% of the time, and unfortunately Sam & Daphne’s is not the place. They are very sad about this, and truly feel that Petey is just not happy in their home. They have offered to donate towards a behavior specialist, if we (the rescue) decides to go that route. So anyway, this is why we all feel that it would be best for Petey to come back to my house. The transition is going to be hard on him, and we want to make it as easy as possible for him.

This is what is hard about being a foster parent. You get to be a part of the screening process. You meet people, and listen to them talk about why they want “your” dog. You try to tell them all of the things they need to know about the dog. Full disclosure. All in hopes that if the adoption goes through, that it will stick. Forever. Some people can seem great, sound like they have good intentions, but you find out down the road that they weren’t what they seemed. Sometimes the dog doesn’t get along with the resident dog. Sometimes it just isn’t a good fit. And sometimes, the dog just doesn’t handle the transition, which is what I believe happened with Petey. He has been moved around so many times. His anxiety issues increase with every new home. I mentioned his issues to my brother, but maybe I didn’t explain it enough. Maybe then they wouldn’t have adopted him. But they have loved him, cared for him, took him on vacation and all kinds of adventures. I 100% believe that he had a good home with them. So, while I am disappointed, and I am sad for Petey, I am in no way mad at Sam & Daphne. I hope that no one will judge them for their decision.

Petey will be back in about two weeks. I plan to make it my mission to help him. I will train him to be 100% crate trained, with that being a safe comfortable place for him. I promise I will do whatever it takes. Because Petey needs help. And as his foster mom, I feel like I have failed him…twice.

If you have any unique ways of helping a dog with severe anxiety, please feel free to share! Petey is now on prescribed medication by the vet, but ideally he would be able to work through his issues and be able to live medicine-free.

Again, I hope no one will judge the situation or the people involved. I hope that you will be supportive, and follow along in my journey with Petey…


8 thoughts on “Full Disclosure…”

  1. I’m so sorry about all of this Rebecca. Petey will eventually find the perfect home and Jayden will be thrilled to have him back in the mean time. Thinkin’ about you!

  2. Oh, how sad for Petey and for your brother and sister-in-law, too. But If anyone can help Petey, you and Jayden can. Will send lots of good, anti-anxiety energy to him!

    1. Yes, everyone involved is so sad over it. Thanks for the vote of confidence, and the good vibes!! 🙂

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