To Protect and Love

Have you ever thought about whether your dog would really protect you in the event of an emergency? I would say my last dog, Sebastian, definitely would have. He would bark ALL. THE. TIME. If he heard a car door, he’d bark; when he saw a person walk by, he’d bark; if he saw another dog, well you get the point. One time he was being perfectly nice while I was having a friendly convo with a neighbor, until that man took a step towards Jayden. Sebastian stepped right in front of Jayden, and started growling! While I would never wish my dog to bite anyone, it was certainly nice to know that he’d protect us!

Moving on to my current dogs…I can say without a doubt, Lucy would NOT protect us. She is scared of shadows, and if anything is out of place, she backs up and waits for me to go first! (Gee, thanks Luce!) She hardly ever barks, and if she does, it’s only because she got scared of something, not because there is someone at the door or there was a strange sound. As I’ve said before, she has never met a stranger, and I am certain she would invite anyone in with open…paws!

Her "concerned" look
“Mom, what’s that noise?”

Oscar on the other hand, I would venture to say he would definitely protect us. When we are out for walks, or at events, he has been fine and never barks at anyone. In the home or car though, he’ll bark if he is not a fan of someone! Before the weather got too hot, I used to take him with me to pick Jayden up from school. Usually he just hangs out the window, wagging his tail at everyone. One day though, he started growling and barking like crazy, and would not stop until this person was out of sight! Another time, in the middle of the night, Shiloh got spooked and started barking loudly, waking the entire house. Oscar immediately woke up, stood on top of me, and growled like I have never heard before! As soon as he realized that it was just Jayden, Oscar curled up into a ball and was snoring within seconds! He is so funny, too. He has this “on alert” face he makes, and then he howls!

"I'll protectz you mama, don't you worryz!"
“I’ll protectz you mama, don’t you worryz!”

Here is a video of Oscar’s howl…click here…I think it is so hilarious!

So, while I obviously hope he never has to act in protection mode, it’s nice to know that I have some back up should I ever need it! It also makes me think he’d be one of those hero dogs, saving us from a fire or some crazy awesome thing like you hear in the news from time to time!

(Here’s an awesome story of a dog saving her foster dad!)

Now, with all that being said, let me reinforce that I do not advocate people USING their dogs for protection (aside from professionally trained dogs, like police or military dogs, of course). I believe dogs should be family pets, getting to live their life inside the home, being cherished and loved. Some dogs are naturally loyal & protective of their loved ones, and as long as you manage the pet appropriately, they will always be the loving, sweet beings that they want to be. Oscar is SO sweet, he even asks for hugs on a daily basis! So while I believe Oscar would protect me if I ever needed it, 99% of the time, there is a whole lotta this going on:

Dogs2 Me&Oscar 555092_10200821599204889_613014231_n Cuddle1 100 Oscar Oscar5 Oscar2

So tell me about your pups! Do you think they’d defend your honor if they needed to? Would they run and hide in an emergency? I’d love to hear your stories, so please share!

Have a great weekend, my friends! 🙂

10 thoughts on “To Protect and Love”

  1. Bruce would definitely protect me. He barks, a lot, at many things, and when Dan and I play wrestle and goof around, Bruce gets really concerned and huffy. I know if it came down to it, he would have my back. 🙂

  2. Gordon would definitely protect me. At Halloween I give out candy & Chris keeps the dogs on the landing where they can see me but not who’s at the door. When Gordon hears me talking to kids he’s all excited & wagging his tail; talking to a mom wagging his tail; the second he hears a dad the tail stops, he goes completely still, and sometimes starts growling.

  3. Hmmm, I change my mind a lot on this, bc my dogs are all sorts of cray-cray, but here are my best guesses: Buddy would be the most likely to protect (he too has never met a stranger but he is also the best judge of character so I think he would know if someone was bad), Tag probably would be the least likely (though, she is all sorts of crazy and might snap and be the most protective of all?!), and then I really don’t know about Maggie. She is so scared of strangers that usually I think she wouldn’t do anything but run away barking….but she also is a tough little cookie, and obsessed with me, so maybe she would? Let’s hope we never have to find out!

  4. Both Allie and Ace, our English Cocker Spaniels, go to a High Alert mode when the bell rings or someone knocks at the door, or if a car or truck pulls into the driveway. Ace would definitely protect me – he stands over my lap and doesn’t move until he knows we have friendly company. However, once he bonds with you – and it will take much more than one visit – he is yours forever.

  5. We had Cane first, and we knew he would protect us as he is very smart and has shown us protective traits many times in the past. But Cane is not the toughest looking dog, and I thought that might not deter the wrong people from attempting anything. So we decided to get Lexy. Lexy’s mom is a Dutch Shepard. They are very regularly used in police work as they are very protective and smart. Her Daddy was a black lab, so I thought she would be the perfect mix of protection and family dog! Well, as we all know, your “children” will be who they are and not what you want them to be. And Lexy is very much like Lucy. She hides in the showers during thunderstorms, attaches herself under my feet when someone comes to the door, and only barks when Cane does. We love all three of our 4 legged babies, even if they would protect us or not!

  6. hmm i know Dexie would have, the jury is still out on tucker at this point. he is just finding his voice but he really doesnt bark at people. Now if a fireman came into this house he would most def get howled to death. no joke.

  7. I know Boomer will defend me if he feels like he should because he already has, before he was even a year old he stepped in front of a man coming at the two of us and scared him off… plus he barks at everything out of place around “his” house. Dottie on the other hand is a big chicken, I know that I’d be the one protecting her!

  8. My dogs have protected me when I was attacked. They attacked the man who was hurting me. My male has been known to put himself between me and strangers at (seemingly) random times as well. I always trust his instincts.

    1. Wow! Well I’m sorry you were attacked, but so good to know that you have awesome pups to protect you!

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