Ain’t Nothin But a Hound Dog…

Say hello to Hambone the Hound!


Hambone came to Last Hope Rescue from a Florida shelter, found as a stray. He obviously had been used as a hunting dog, as he had big black numbers painted on him. This is the first picture we ever saw of him:


Being around hunting areas, I’ve realized how frequent it is for these hunting hounds to be picked up as strays. It seems some hunters just leave them in the woods, if they don’t return to them before they leave. He seems to have been pretty well cared for, although he was a bit thin. He doesn’t seem to have any fear-based issues, so…who knows what his past was?!


Hammy went to a foster home a couple months ago, but it wasn’t the best fit so he came to me on Sunday. I was a bit worried about Oscar, because of his issues, and he’s never been around an adult, male dog. Thanks to one of the ladies in the rescue, who is great with the meet & greets, everything went well. She brought Hambone over, and helped do the introductions. We walked them a little bit, and then moved them to the backyard & added Lucy to the mix. After that, all was good!

I let the dogs interact for small amounts of time, as well as giving Hammy some individual one-on-one time. He was shy at first, and still seems to be trying to figure things out, but he is definitely starting to come out of his shell. This morning in fact, it sounded like a stampede in my house, as he and Oscar chased each other around and wrestled all over the living room! (Lucy just hangs back, doing her weird play growl sounds!)


Hambone is about 5 yrs old, and SO laid back. He pretty much just likes to relax and sleep all day. He LOVES Jayden! He gets all wiggly when Jayden comes into his sight. Hammy’s tail is always wagging, too! He is neutered, house & crate trained, and micro-chipped. So, if you know of anyone looking for a sweet, adult dog, help a hound out & send them our way! Hammy would be forever grateful!


7 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothin But a Hound Dog…”

    1. Today is actually the first time I’ve heard his howl, when I was walking back into the house after being gone on an errand. I’ve been wondering if he howls, if Oscar will too, because Oscar howls when he barks!

  1. Hammy looks really sweet. I’ve heard that hounds have a characteristic bark or sound that they make. Have you heard that yet or does he just bark like the other dogs? Hope he finds his forever home quickly – he has a lot of love to give.

    1. I heard him howl today! Other than that, he is very quiet. I’m wondering if Oscar would howl along with him, since he howls…but it hasn’t happened yet!

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