Well lookie here!

My girl is going to her new home today! Yup, that’s right! Shiloh is being adopted!! So, let me back track and tell you how it happened!

Last weekend Shiloh went to an adoption booth to get some exposure. Someone had previously contacted Last Hope about specifically wanting a female, energetic, playful lab. The lady & her husband have a male lab, who is high energy and needs a forever friend to play with. So, we suggested she go to the adoption booth to meet Shiloh, and her sister Zelda. Long story short, she wasn’t sure which one she wanted. I happened to be available, and live only about 15 mins away, so I brought Shiloh over to meet her dog, and have a play date last Sunday.  As expected, Shiloh was an angel & she fit in perfectly! Next thing you know, Shiloh is being adopted!

She will be with her new, forever family this evening…I’ll try to take some pictures to share…but the dogs are both super playful & high energy, so not sure that I’ll get anything blog-worthy!


Congrats my little Shiloh! May you live a wonderful life, being loved & spoiled, just as you deserve!!!

10 thoughts on “Well lookie here!”

  1. Awww, a happy ending with a boyfriend and everything! I hope that Shiloh and her new family have many happy years together! Hooray to people who adopt dogs (and to the wonderful people who foster them first)!

  2. Kat-Because I do the facebook & adoption sites for LHR, so I usually know who has pending adoptions, etc. I knew the situation with her, so I guessed that it must’ve been her you were talking about. 🙂

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