All Things Shiloh!

As I’ve said before, I started this blog primarily to give my foster dog(s) the limelight, so…it is Shiloh’s time to shine!

Shiloh is a growing lab puppy, weighing about 40 lbs, with lanky long legs! As I mentioned before, she came to the rescue with her sister, Zelda. Both pups are super sweet, loving, and are GREAT with other dogs! Shiloh is easy to train, and has already learned “sit”, “off” and “no”. She is learning to be great on a leash, but is still kind of a whackadoo when walking…she’s learning though!


Shiloh has had one meet & greet. The lady emailed with me a few times, and then scheduled to come to my house to meet Shiloh. For most of my fosters, I tend to prefer doing meet & greets at my house, where the dog is most comfortable. That way, the potential adopter can see the pup playing with my dogs, running around and being happy. (Take Chelsea for example…if her adopter had met her at their house, or at a random meeting place, she would have been trembling, terrified, and jumping out of her skin. But they came to my house, and got to see that Chelsea CAN be care-free, playful, and loving.)

So anyway, the lady really seemed to like Shiloh. She watched her play with my dogs. We talked about her other dog, and her active lifestyle, etc. When she was leaving, we talked about setting up the next meeting at her house, so her husband and dog could meet Shiloh. She said “Bye Shiloh, I’ll see you soon I hope”…..and we’ve heard nothing since!

I really don’t understand people sometimes. How hard is it to let us know that you don’t think the dog is a right fit?! We won’t be offended. In fact, we would rather you be honest, AND we’d be happy to help you find the one that is right. Or maybe she decided she wasn’t ready for a second dog. Again, just tell us that. It is so rude to just drop off the face of the Earth with no explanation. Not to mention, if you do try to adopt from us in the future, we are going to have a bad impression of you…right?! Anyway, I digress….

photo 1 (2)


Shiloh is crate trained, and learning to be completely house trained. She responds well to the human voice, and she is very treat motivated. I do have a question for my fellow doggie lovers. How do you train a dog not to lunge/go for another dog’s treat? For example, as I am giving Oscar a treat, Shiloh tries to go for it. Now luckily, both of my dogs have been nice about it, but not all dogs will be…and that’s totally understandable. So, how do I teach her not to do that? Just make her sit maybe while treats are being handed out? I have attempted that & it doesn’t work, but maybe I need to be firmer…Suggestions?

Anyway, Shiloh is an available adoptable, sweet girl. If you know of anyone looking for a pup, please share her! She would definitely do best in an active home, with another dog to be her bestie! Oh, and she is great with kids too. She honestly loves everyone she meets!

photo 2 (2)


Well the week is half way through! I am so looking forward to this weekend, when I can clean my house, catch up on my DVR, and relax! Do you have any big exciting plans?

From my pack to yours, goodnight! xoxo

photo 3 (2)

4 thoughts on “All Things Shiloh!”

  1. What a pretty girl! Sounds like you are doing an awesome job on preparing her for the outside world! As far as training her to not lunge for another dog’s treat, well, I don’t really have too many suggestions, but if you discover a quick fix, share please! I usually teach mine a wait command first (which means to stop whatever you are doing and watch me and be still and don’t move) and also a leave it command. If they leave whatever tidbit I drop, they then get an even better, higher value treat from me. Eventually, they learn that by leaving something, they get something better. This works for me and my woofers, but you may come across a better plan of action!

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