Exciting News!

If you saw my blog post yesterday, you may be wondering what on earth I was talking about! Or maybe you noticed that the brown foster puppy was much bigger than the previously seen brown foster puppy?!

So the first bit of exciting news….Wickett has been adopted!!! As I said last week (here), he was going to his potential adopter’s house for the weekend. We were waiting on lab work to come back, before she could make a final decision. Wickett went to her house on Friday morning, and I had planned on picking him up on Sunday. But, we got the lab results back, and they showed that he is just anemic! Not too big of a deal! He will need to be on iron supplements, and should avoid high sodium treats (like Beggin Strips or Pupperoni). He will also need to have his iron checked on a yearly basis. I relayed this info, and the adopter said she definitely wanted to complete the adoption! She said she was pretty much willing to do whatever it takes because she just couldn’t imagine having to give him back on Sunday! So, as of last night, Wickett is officially adopted! Thank you to everyone that was sending good vibes his way, and especially to anyone that may have donated to Last Hope Rescue for his care. It was greatly appreciated!!

Now moving on to the next bit of news…we have a new foster puppy! Meet Shiloh:



She came to the rescue with her sister Zelda, around the same time that we got Wickett & his brothers. Shiloh has been in a foster home for about a month, but that person had surgery and can’t quite keep up with a puppy right now. My house just happened to open up, so I offered to take her. I had actually recently met her at one of our events, and knew what a good sweet pup she was! Shiloh is a chocolate lab mix, around 4 months old. She is a growing girl, and so well behaved! She is shy, but opens up quickly. Shiloh is crate trained, potty trained, and we are working on basic obedience!



She is great with my two dogs. Oscar tried to be an ass at first, but he listened very well and I was able to redirect him (more on that soon!). Shiloh is just as sweet as can be! She doesn’t try to get up on the furniture (which is good, since she’s going to be a big girl). She is a quick learner, and is interested in learning what Jayden is all about!

So, that is all of the news for now. I will keep you updated on this sweet girl. If you are interested in making her a part of your family, please email me!


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