Help Hope!

Hello friends! Today I write to share a story of a pup in need, in hopes that some of you will donate, or at least share so that other’s may donate, for her care.

Meet Hope!

 (I suggested the name! yay!)

Female Pittie
“Hi! I iz Hope! Aren’t I sooz cutez!!!”


She was found as a stray, and taken home by a good Samaritan. That woman already has 4 rescue dogs of her own, so she could not permanently keep the dog. She did take the pup to the vet though to get checked out, and unfortunately found that she is heartworm positive. Even worse, she has a prolapsed rectum and needs surgery to correct it.

“I iz havin to get shotz and stuff. Oh no!”

So, Last Hope Rescue begged & begged for someone to foster, and luckily they had someone step up and offer to take her in! She will now get to learn what life is supposed to be like as a cherished family pet, while getting the vet care that she desperately needs. Once she recovers from the surgery, and is treated for heartworm, Hope will be available for adoption. I will keep you updated on her story!

In the meantime, if you would like to help support Last Hope Rescue in their quest to make Hope all better, here is the page where you can donate. Any amount helps, big or small!


Helping Hope 

(click the title above to be redirected to the donation site.)

"I needz help guyz! But I bez ok, I knowz it!"
“I needz help guyz! But I bez ok, I knowz it!”


If you have any questions about Hope, or Last Hope Rescue, please let me know! And thank you!!!

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