National Pet ID Week!

This week was National Pet ID Week! There are so many holidays revolving around our four legged friends! 🙂

I have previously written about tips onFinding a Lost Pet.” Having your pet properly ID’d is the first step to recovery of a lost friend. So, in honor of National Pet ID Week, here are some tips on making sure your pet is covered!

Mac is still missing in the Tallahassee area.
Mac is still missing in the Tallahassee area.



Tags and collars:

All pets should have a collar and tag that includes your name, address and phone number.

If you move, don’t forget to update their tags with your new contact information.

Consider temporary tags if you travel with your pet.

Rabies and license tags can also help locate your pet if it gets lost.


If your pet does not have a microchip yet, talk with your veterinarian about getting one. I am proud to say that both of my dogs are chipped, and it definitely gives me a sense of relief, knowing that they are connected to me, a backup friend, and the vet’s office!

If your pet gets lost and injured, a microchip will enable a veterinarian at a clinic or veterinary hospital to contact you. This could be urgent if the treating veterinary needs your approval to provide necessary medical care or talk about treatment options.

Of course, you’ll have a better chance of reuniting with your lost pet if make sure to update your contact information with the microchip provider and your veterinarian when you move or get a new phone number.

That’s all for today! Short & simple! 🙂

Here are some other animal related holidays that we can celebrate during the month of April!

Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month; National Pet First Aid Awareness Month; Jane Goodall’s Birthday – Apr. 3; National Pet ID Week – Apr. 14-20; World Week for Animals in Laboratories – Apr. 14-20; Earth Day – Apr. 22; World Penguin Day – Apr. 25; Save the Frogs Day – Apr. 27


2 thoughts on “National Pet ID Week!”

  1. We only put our cell phone numbers on the tags (we don’t have a land-line phone); the back of Mr B’s tag says ‘I am deaf’. I’ve read a number of articles and blog posts that advise against putting the dogs name, that the owners name is more important. Also just city and state rather than home address. Personal choices, the important thing is that the dog has a current tag 🙂

    1. I don’t have an address on my tags either. I have their names, as well as my cell & our vet’s ph#. They also have their chip tag as well. Like you said, as long as it is current, it should be enough to help them return home! Now fingers crossed, our little babies never go missing in the first place! 🙂

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