Friday’s Facts: Why mutts are awesome!

Did you know mutts have their own special day?? December 2nd is National Mutts Day! This is pretty cool because mutts ARE super special! Let me tell you…and show you, why!



  • They are unique! There are specific standards for breeding purebreds, which includes appearance and temperament being of the same quality every time. A mixed breed dog is awesome because without these standards, the dog is more unique.


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. –Coco Chanel”



  • They are more flexible! Mixed breeds are thought to adjust more easily to a variety of households and living conditions, whereas purebreds tend to be bred with a specific skill set in mind, such as herding or hunting. So you may just very well get lots of good traits from the different breeds that your pup is mixed with!
Blondie (LHR)
  • They can still do awesome things, like agility competitions and be trained as service dogs. Mutts are not discouraged from these types of services!


“Don’t hate me because I’m different, admire me because I’m unique. -Author Unknown”


  • They have fewer health issues. Ok, so this isn’t an actual proven fact, but I’ve certainly heard it for years, as well as have read it on the internet. Everyone knows it’s true if it’s on the internet! This is likely to be true because certain purebreds are more prone to specific illnesses. Mixed breed dogs are thought to be less likely to develop these illnesses because they have fewer genes of the same breed.
  • They have cheaper start-up costs & you are saving a life! Shelters and rescues have adoption fees, sure. That adoption fee is going directly towards the care that was provided, and to assist the group with saving another pup though! Purebred dogs from a breeder can run up to and over $1,000, and that money is most likely not going towards another dog’s life. Plus, a mixed breed from the shelter is likely spayed or neutered and is already up-to-date on vaccinations. Jackpot!


  • Their awesomeness will rub off on you! A mixed breed dog is for the adventurer in all of us. When purchasing a purebred dog, you’re buying a specific temperament that has been honed through strict breeding practices over a long period. With a mixed breed, the unknown genetic line leaves all that up in the air. Maybe you will get the goofy playfulness of an American Bulldog, the loyalty of a German Shepherd, or the sweetness of a Golden Retriever. Appreciate the spontaneity behind this!


The largest percentage of dogs euthanized in shelters is medium to large mixed breed dogs. So, let’s help get the word out about just how awesome these dogs are! (All of the beautiful mutts in this post are available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue.)


Happy Friday, from my mutts to yours! 🙂




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