Adoption Update: Perfectly Precious Petey!

Petey update!  


Petey’s Story: Petey was my very first foster pup! He came to me as a temporary foster, because his foster mom was going out of town. I kept him a couple of times, and then ended up getting him permanently once his foster mom moved away. Petey was in the rescue after being bounced around and left multiple times, but finally he was safe in Last Hope Rescue’s hands, patiently awaiting a forever home.

Petey is so gentle, sweet, and laid back. He came right in to our home, and fit in as if he had always been there. Jayden loved him to pieces right away. And Lucy…she lost her mind over him! She wanted to be near him 24/7. She was always trying to get him to play, jumping all over him & play growling. For the most part, Petey would just wag his tail and stare at her. Every now and then though, he’d chase her off the deck! He is not a toy player, but definitely does like to be chased around!


photo 3

So anyway, we settled in to life with our first foster pup and things were going just fine! We took a beach trip, and learned that Petey is not a fan of water…at all! We learned that he is terrified of thunderstorms, and does not like to be left alone. So, over the next few months, I learned about anxiety relieving methods, trained Petey that a crate is his friend, and had lots of car rides and walks.

photo 2

Then all of a sudden, Petey had an adopter! It was a family of a wife, a husband, and a little 5yr old girl. They had just recently lost one of their dogs, and the other dog (Lexus) had started having major anxiety issues. They were specifically looking for an older dog, and wanted to meet Petey. We explained that Petey had some anxiety issues of his own, and that he shouldn’t be expected to “fix” their dog. The couple understood, and we set up a meeting. All went well, and they decided to keep him for a few days while I went out of town. By the time I was coming back, they had fallen in love and decided to complete the adoption. Petey was going to join this family, getting to run free on several acres, with horses, barn cats, and his new best buddy, Lexus. When I arrived at their house to complete the adoption, the little old girl had a fancy bead necklace on Petey, and said she just loved him! Saying goodbye to Petey was bitter sweet. He was my first foster pup, and would always have a special place in my heart. Jayden & Lucy were both broken hearted. Jayden cried as soon as got into the car, after saying goodbye. And Lucy sat in the living room, staring at the front door. (She did this off and on until we got our next foster pup.)

Now if you are new to my blog, you may think that is the happy ending to Petey’s story. But unfortunately, (or fortunately) it is not. About 4-5 months after the adoption, the rescue group got an email from the owners, stating they wanted to return Petey. Except, not only did they want Last Hope to take Petey back, they also wanted them to take their other dog, Lexus, as well! Instead of going on a rant about how irresponsible and ridiculous this is, I’ll just skip along…they were wanting to return him because their dog’s anxiety had not gotten any better. Also, supposedly Petey was bolting out the door every time they opened it (on to their multiple acres?). But whatever…Last Hope dogs are always welcomed back, and of course, I said that I would go get him immediately. At this time, I also had Lola, who was getting ready to go to her forever home. It was going to be a full house, but I didn’t care. I just wanted Petey back where he was wanted. Jayden was ecstatic, to say the least!

Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 213

As soon as we pulled up to the house, I could see Petey. He came running right up to us, wiggling and wagging! After I loaded up all of his things, and headed towards the car, he walked right by my side & hopped into the car (with no leash on, and without bolting…go figure!). So, Petey was back. Lola & Lucy welcomed him with happy wagging tails, and life was good. (Lola went to her forever family just a few days later.)

Then my little brother, Sam, came to visit for Christmas. He met Petey, and saw how relaxed and easy going he is. I noticed that he kept taking pictures of Pete, sending them to his girlfriend, Daphne. I was hopeful that this was for a good reason, but I didn’t push it. I certainly wouldn’t want this dog to be adopted & returned again! (Not that my brother would ever do that, but you know what I mean!) So Sam comes & goes, returning to Atlanta where he and Daphne live. Next thing you know, he is asking me about adopting Petey! We discussed all the details, and set up a time for us to meet half way for them to pick up Petey.

So, the plan was for them to keep him for a week or so, see how it goes, and then return him to me until they decided on a final decision. However, they decided on adopting and have had him ever since! Sam has a house with a big backyard, and also lives near the huge dog park in their area. Petey is often laying out on the deck while Daphne is studying away, or napping on the couch. Here are some recent pictures, as well as comments from Daphne & Sam:

Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 366Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 270

Daphne says, “he is loving, likes to cuddle, overall well behaved,  always very excited to see us, and fun to chase around the house.  I also enioy watching Sam chase him around the backyard.  It actually sounds like a stampede if you’re inside Sam’s bedroom while this is going on!”

Daphne and Petey, having some cuddles
Daphne and Petey, having some cuddles


Sam said: “he’s a good boy, loves his car rides, always happy on a walk, and loves to read books” (typical Sam!) He has also said that Petey has a great time at the dog park, too.

Sam & Petey on a walk
Sam & Petey on a walk


Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 410
Petey, taking over the studying for Daph!
Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 411
Is this the good life, or what?!














Finally, this precious wonderful dog has found a fantastic couple to give him the life he deserves. He will live the rest of his life in a cozy home, filled with lots of love, cuddles, and sunshiny days. And as a bonus, we will still get to visit him because he’s in our family…this made Jayden very happy! I can say without a doubt that Pete is in his forever home. He has been through a lot, and has had to say goodbye to a lot of people on the way, but he hung in there as all great dogs do, and now he will reap the benefits of a loving home. Thank you, Sam & Daphne! You guys rock! xoxo

Hope you enjoyed this update on my very first foster pup!

*If you are the forever family of one of my previous fosters, please feel free to share stories &/or pictures any time. Just be sure to let me know if I can share it in my blog! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Adoption Update: Perfectly Precious Petey!”

  1. This is a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading about Petey’s journey. He is actually sunbathing right now on back porch! 🙂

  2. I loved this story…what a happy beginning for Petey, Sam and Daphne. Your work in Rescue is priceless, Rebecca…

  3. Terrific post and so wonderful Petey found his perfect home…thanks to you and your never ending devotion! Plus, how awesome is it that you get to keep Petey in the family? Great story!

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