Dogs weird obsessions

So this morning I found myself telling Oscar that he was going to go into a time out if he didn’t stop one of his weird obsessions…yes, he gets time outs! This particular obsession he has is with a red couch pillow. But not just any red couch pillow. The one on the right side. The one on the left, he apparently doesn’t care for. But the one on the right, he L-O-V-E-S.



Left pillow…in perfect condition
Aaaand the right pillow...notice the little photo bomber...
Aaaand the right pillow…notice the little photo bomber…

I don’t know what it is about this particular pillow, but as you can see, he has caused some damage! I have sprayed it with bitter apple, but that seems to only work until it dries. I usually move the pillow, but every now and then I forget…and Oscar loves when I forget!

Mmmm tastieezzzz
Mmmm tastieezzzz

Oscar also has an obsession with the vacuum. It doesn’t seem to be fear based, like Lucy who chases and barks at it. She has to be put outside whenever I sweep or vacuum! Oscar just likes to bite it. He doesn’t growl or bark…just chases it around and tries to bite it. He also does it to my hair dryer! He comes running as soon as it is turned on, and tries to jump on me to get at the dryer. He dances all around, jumping up and down…and if I put the hot air on him, he just sits there for a few seconds, and then goes back to attack mode!077072











Now Lucy, her obsession is with something that she has yet to get up close and personal with…and hopefully she never will. She is obsessed with squirrels! She goes nuts when they come on to the deck, whining and jumping to go outside. And if there is one that she can see out the living room windows, she puts her paws up on the windowsill and stares. I pray that she never gets ahold of one…I don’t want any dead stuff to clean up!

Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 118 Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 326











Do your dog(s) have any weird obsessions? Do you try to stop them from doing it? Or just accept it as a crazy wonderful trait?!


I iz perfect, mama. I iz sooo cute.
I iz perfect, mama. I iz sooo cute.


I am so pretty. I am lovely. I am a princess.
I am so pretty. I am lovely. I am a princess.




8 thoughts on “Dogs weird obsessions”

  1. Daisy has a thing where she’ll be bathing herself on the couch or loveseat and she’ll lick either her leg or one of her paws…and then as she gets to the end of whatever body part she’s licking she’ll move onto the couch cushion or pillows! Whenever I see her doing this, I’ll just put my hand between her and whatever she’s licking and say “no lick!” She’ll give me a look and then go back to bathing herself lol I think she honestly just gets carried away with her bathing and doesn’t realize she’s not licking herself any more! Our other dog Riley was like Lucy with squirrels & lizards-if she saw one, it was game on!! Fortunately she never actually caught up to a squirrel though she definitely tried her hardest!! Unfortunately I did find a few lizards that weren’t able to escape her 😦

    1. Ooh Lucy is crazy for lizards too! I often find myself yelling at her to not put a hole through my screen bc of a lizard! Thanks for sharing my friend! xoxox

  2. Our princess Miss Walker does the licking thing also. We will have huge wet spots on our bed. She used to do that to the sofa until we got a new leather sofa! She is NOT a fan of the vaccuum either. She tries to bite it also. So when I vaccuum I get my husband or one of my boys to take her outside.

  3. My dog Juniper has a few weird obsessions. She does the licking thing as well, but thankfully on the couch and not on my bed. If she sees a banana she will not stop staring at it until it is out of sight. And if you happen to be eating one she will beg and beg and beg and smell your breath after you finish it. She also does this weird thing that after she licks her leg, she then continues to sit there (where ever it may be) with her back paw just hanging out in her mouth. And she will leave it like that for a good amount of time. She usually moves it if we say something to her or we get up and for some reason she thinks she is getting food

    1. Ok, I think you win for the weirdest banana lovin pup!! Haha! That is so funny! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I have dog for each of the obsessions. Sammy will lie under the coffee table and lick the carpet forever. Lacey hates the vacuum. She will take bites out of it until I yell at her to Go LIE DOWN. Sam does not like helicopters, hates kites ,squirrlels and barks at most birds. Lacey is obsessed for her ball. Love my girls!!

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