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Hi friends! Well if you are reading this, you might be noticing that things look a little different! I wanted to update my “Furever Dogs” page to include Oscar, so while doing that, I updated some other things. If you are reading this on the mobile app/site, the changes won’t be as noticeable. You can scroll down, and click on “View Full Site” to see more, if you’re interested. If you notice anything that you think should be different/added/taken away, feel free to let me know!

So today I thought I would do a simple, friendly post about my fellow bloggers. The thing about blogging is, you want people to read what you’re writing…that’s the whole point, right?! In order to get readers, you first start with your friends & family. Then you reach out to the community, based on what your topic is. I frequently ask you to share my posts &/or blog. That’s not because I want to be most popular…although, that would be awesome! The reason I am doing this blog is to promote fostering dogs, and to help my foster pups, as well as other homeless dogs, be noticed. The more you share, the more readers/followers. The more followers, the more the dogs are seen, and the more people learn about fostering. I don’t expect to change the world, or to save all the homeless dogs. But if just one person thinks about fostering, or adopts instead of buys, then I will feel like I have reached someone! So anyway, a good way to find followers is to be a follower yourself. Look for other bloggers that are talking about similar topics, follow them, comment on their posts. You will “meet” some great people, and they may just end up becoming a follower of your’s! Now on to my fellow bloggers:

Temporary Home, Permanent Love: This is my friend, Morgan’s blog. She is part of Last Hope Rescue, and has personally had a huge part in promoting and saving many of the animals at the Wakulla Animal Shelter. She is a big pitbull advocate, and has done amazing things for/with her pitbull foster, Maggie! She is a honest blogger, sometimes writing about hard topics. She also always has fantastic pictures to share. This blog has it’s own facebook page, too. So, check her out!

LHR-Duncan, Nala, Maggie


And Foster Makes Five: I started following this blog after being referred to it by Morgan’s blog, and I love it! It is about Stephanie, her hubby, their two dogs & a foster turned perma-dog, named Georgia. She is also a big pitbull advocate, and a very knowledgeable doggie person! There is a facebook page for this blog too! (I might have to steal that idea!) 🙂




Dream Big, Bark Loudly:  This blog is by Kayla, a real life friend of Morgan’s! 😉 I have met her a time or two, when I was dropping off my previous foster Toby, at doggie daycare. Kayla was a staff member there, so you can assume she is knowledgeable when it comes to pups, their behaviors, and training techniques. She truly believes in fostering, and does a great job promoting it over the internet waves!



Grimm’s Furry Tail: This is another blog that I found through someone else’s blog, and it is hilarious! It is all about the adventures of Grimm and his doggie siblings. There are always entertaining things going on, and the pictures always make you smile!





Well that’s all for now! I randomly chose which blogs to mention, and I actually follow quite a few blogs, so you can see the rest over in the “Blogs I Follow” section. I enjoy them all equally, and am always inspired by their posts! If you are a foster parent or dog lover, I definitely recommend checking out my fellow bloggers. If you have any great blogs that you follow, please feel free to share. And share mine too! 🙂

PS-All of the dogs listed in this post are available for adoption! Let me know if you are interested in meeting one, and please share their cute little faces!

3 thoughts on “Blog, blog, blog!”

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and “shout out”! I must say, I like the new look and am so glad you added Oscar to the “furever” page! Love the pictures–hope all the pooches who need homes find them–thank you for all that you do for them!

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