News on Chles & some weekend fun!

Hello! I hate Monday! Usually I would mention how much I hate Mondays, but no no not today! Monday? Ick! I am going to be positive, share the light, what a wonderful week (minus Monday)…hey, I’m trying! Ok, so anyway, I had a fantastic weekend, which to be honest, only makes me hate Monday more! But I won’t focus on that! Moving on…let it go Rebecca…happy, happy, happy! 🙂

If you missed my post on Friday (how dare you!), you know all about Chelsea going to her new home! I have been checking in with new doggie mama, Kristine, to see how things are going. She has had lots of wonderful things to say! Chelsea has quickly bonded to the three children, following them around & being protective, yet playing oh so gently! This is just what they were looking for in a dog, so it’s a match made in heaven…sort of. While Chelsea is fantastic with the children & Kristine, she is terrified of Michael (new doggie dad). They are working on it, but looking for help. I suggested taking Chelsea to one of the local doggie daycares that has male staff. I have heard wonderful things about Pet Paradise, and I think it would be a great place for Chelsea. I know the rescue ladies in charge will give some more suggestions, as Kristine emailed 3 of us, but I thought I would ask you guys, my fellow foster & rescue friends, dog lovers, etc. Do you have any tips, advice, or suggestions on how to help Chelsea? Kristine (thankfully) is fully committed to Chelsea, and wants to help her overcome this fear. (Can we say perfect doggie mom?!) They are trying to use food as a positive influence, as well as having Michael sit near the rest of the family, to show Chles that he’s a good guy. (And he really is, I met him!) So, have you ever experienced this? If so, how did you help your dog? We want to help Chelsea, while keeping Michael safe! Please share, so I can pass it on to Kristine! Thanks! 🙂

So, with Chelsea off to her new home, that left just my dogs. It hasn’t been that way in a long time, and not at all since Oscar joined us! The weather was FINALLY semi-warm and not raining, and I planned on taking full advantage. I packed up the kiddo, Lucy, & Oscar into the car, and we were off for the beach! I was hoping it would be empty, so that Lucy could run. She LOVES the beach, and I was assuming Oscar would too. My wish came true, because we got there, and there was not a soul in sight! I let the dogs off their leashes, and we spent the next few hours in heavenly bliss!














Oscar chased the shoreline, taking off every time a “wave” came in. There was a big flock of birds that, I swear, were teasing him! They were out on this little island, and they kept flying away & then coming back. He so badly wanted to get to them! Lucy seemed to thoroughly enjoy flipping Oscar around in the sand, barking & having a blast. All in all, it was a fantastic day! 🙂

Jayden & I also went to the Red Hills Horse Trials on Sunday. I didn’t take either dog, because I was under the impression that they weren’t really welcome. There were TONS of dogs there though. Oh well, next time!

Next weekend Oscar will get to meet my mom’s two dogs (remember Lucy’s arch nemisis). My parents have a big dried up lake behind their house where the dogs love to run, so I’ll be taking lots of pictures of Oscar experiencing that!

Anyway, I hope you had a great weekend too! And don’t forget to share any tips for Chelsea’s man problems! Have a good day! : )


4 thoughts on “News on Chles & some weekend fun!”

  1. I had one foster that would forget who my boyfriend was every time he changed outfits or put a hat on. He would get down on the floor to be more at the dog’s level and be very patient and give him treats. That seemed to work for us but it wasn’t a big fear.

    What beach did you go to? That looks so awesome!

  2. I would start by loading Michaels’s pockets up with small, chewable treats. I would say that when he has Chelsea’s attention, he should drop one on the floor and toss it in Chelsea’s direction, then watch as she goes to get it. Then, repeat at least 10 times, tossing it off to each side a couple of times, etc. Then stop it. You don’t want her to feel like this is a threatening game. Just give her room. He can do it once again later in the day. Let him walk to a slightly different place and drop a treat behind him, where she can see it. See if she follows him and do the exercise above, again, in the new location. Try this for 4 days or so, then we can move it on. Always start slowly with a dog with these kinds of issues.

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