Dogs in the News: Interview with Lucy!

Normally I would do a “Dogs in the News” post today, but…I got nothin! So, I thought it would be fun to “interview” Lucy.

(I always imagine Lucy as a blonde, valley girl, oh so popular, type of dog, so imagine her voice as that!)

1. What is your favorite thing to eat? Plants. Like, especially those lovely roses you planted. I really enjoyed ripping off every. single. leaf! Radical!

2.Do you like your name? Like, duh! As long as there is “Princess” in front of it, I don’t care what you call me.



3. What is your favorite hobby? Chasing lizards! When I catch them, it’s like totally gnarly!


4. Have you ever met a dog you didn’t like? That bratty chihuahua, Twinkles. She is totally bogus. Gag me with a spoon!



5. What do you think about these foster dogs? At first I was confused, but now I like, really love having these friends! Plus, for some reason, we’re all allowed on the couch now, so that’s like totally tubular!




6. Who has been your favorite foster friend? Petey, fer sure. That dude was sooooo dreamy!




7. Where is your favorite place to be? Duh! The beach, dude. I get to run free, and bark. I really love when I do my crazy run towards that devil dog, and she just freezes, all scared and stuff. It’s like totally awesome!





8. Why are you always giving me concerned looks? Ummm, probably because you didn’t use my full name, Princess Lucy Josephine. Or maybe because you seem to think it’s way cute when that pesky little brother of mine squeezes his way on to the couch. Totally not cool, k?




9. Why do you lick so much? And do you understand me when I say “No lick!”? I like to give kisses, so what! It doesn’t make me a dog skank, I do hear you when you say that, by the way. And yes I understand you, I just don’t care.


10. Are you happy? Like, Duh! What a bogus question! Don’t you see me smiling all the time? Take a chill pill! My life is so radically tubular!

Lucy4 028









Hope you enjoyed this silly convo with my Princess Lucy! If your dog could talk, what would you ask? Do you imagine your dog talking in a certain voice or accent? Please share, I’d love to hear it! 🙂


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