(Basically) Wordless Wednesday

Foster Poster


006Charles Barkley-WakullaSunny (LHR)

GeorgiaBetsy (LHR)Camo-Wakulla Tonka-Wakulla


All of the dogs in this post are available for adoption. If you are interested in any, please let me know! The rescue group is also desperate for foster homes. If you or anyone you know, would like to give it a try, contact Last Hope Rescue. And please, share this post!

Happy Wednesday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “(Basically) Wordless Wednesday”

  1. When I looked at these faces, I fell in love with 3 of them…wish I could take another but we are sadly ‘over-dogged’ with 2 English Cockers and one very sick Lab. But I did fall in love with one face in particular – a face full of joy.
    Some things need no words…

    1. wish I could take more too, believe me! especially the black guy with the long ears, at the end. he just looks like he needs some lovin! but all we can do is share them & hope somebody comes along to snatch them up! 🙂

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