Oscar’s Tricks

Have you ever taught your dog a trick that back fired? I thought it would be a good idea to teach Oscar to use a stool, since he has a hard time getting up and down. He doesn’t really put much weight on his front left leg, so I thought I was helping him. Well, not only has he learned this trick, he has mastered it…as well as mastered how to jump using his back legs only…

Oscar using his stool, just like I taught him…
On his stool, coming in for a pretend lick...
On his stool, coming in for a pretend lick…
Sike! He goes for the chips instead
Sike! He goes for the chips instead


But wait, it’s not JUST the stool now. Nooo, he has learned to use this trick on many other forms of furniture…


"I iz big doggie!"
“I iz big doggie!”


"Iz so happy you teached me trickz!"
“Iz so happy you teached me trickz!”



And if I dare to give ANYONE else attention, he flys into my lap. Even if I am not facing him. Even if there might be a desk in his way.


"Don't pet demz, Mama! Only me!"
“Don’t pet demz, Mama! Only me!”


Who said pit bulls are vicious?! They are needy, love-starved, licking obsessed, human shadows! And oh so cute too! 😉


“I soz tired from jumpin! I go sleepinz on couch now!”

4 thoughts on “Oscar’s Tricks”

  1. OH, the pit bull MUST be near the mommy. Or the daddy. Or the other doggie. Or even the house guest who is sleeping in that big huge dog bed in the guest room. Must touch other warm creatures…they are compulsive snugglers. Vicious cuddlers. Woe to any who will not snuggle! 😉

  2. I fear you have created a monster, my friend! 🙂 No chair, stool or other place a possible pit butt may rest (ie your lap) is safe. The horror! Love the pics–Oscar has a face that just screams, “Snuggle!”.

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