Dogs in the News: Baby, Ginger, & Slater!

Good morning friends! Time for some Dogs in the News! 🙂


Baby the Pitbull

“Baby” the pitbull saved her family, including 5 other dogs, from a burning house. Did you know that pitbulls are often doing these heoric deeds? It’s sad that stories like this don’t make national headlines more often! Read about Baby’s amazing story here!





This sweet ol’ girl is Ginger. The owner had to give her up 10 years ago, during a divorce. In January, he decided he was ready for a pet & goes online to browse shelter pets (kudos to him!). Guess who he found?! Check out their story here!




Slater is a pitbull with an awesomely loving & loyal family! Due to his breed, he was outlawed in TWO countries. Many people at this point would have given up the dog, and or at least handed him off to friends that were offering to help. His owner, Toronto baseball pitcher Mark Buehrle, has refused to split up his family though. Read about Slater & his family here.


And now for my cute bulldog picture of the week (you guys know I can’t pass them up…remember my Bucket List?!)

almost friday


See ya tomorrow! 🙂

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