Lost Dog! Please share!

Hi all! Usually I would do Friday’s Facts today, but I feel like I should help spread the word instead, about a lost dog.

Meet Mac:


Mac had just been adopted from PetSmart and was going home with his new owner, when he slipped out of his collar and ran.

Here are a few details about him, from his foster mom:

“Mac is not quite 2 years old, friendly but shy, gentle and hardly ever barks.  Likes to play with people and other dogs.  Knows basic obedience commands like sit, heel, down.  Loves dog treats, we call them cookies as in “cookie time”.  He knows the word dinner as in “dinner time”.  He knows how to “kennel up” to get in his kennel (because it is usually followed by a cookie!).  He also knows sign language for “sit” and “stay”.   He is a sponge when it comes to learning.  Very smart boy!”

Have you seen me??


Mac has been spotted around town, but it seems that he has yet to be caught or returned. He is probably very scared, and a little shy. So if you see him, please do your best to follow from a safe distance, and call someone (see contact info below)! Be cautious & gentle! Local vets & shelters have been notified of the missing pup, and there are signs posted around town. He is believed to be in the Hermitage/Capital Cir/Killearn areas.

Please help this boy be returned to his new owners. If you are, or know anyone, in the Tallahassee area, please share the link to this post. You never know who might see him!

Let’s help get Mac home!!

Tallahassee, FL



If you or anyone you know, has seen Mac, please take note of the location & call:

PetSmart-(850) 297-1500

Leon County Animal Shelter-(850) 224-9193

Capital Circle Vet’s office-(850) 877-1149

Erin VanSickle-(850) 339-3184

If you ever have a lost dog, check out my past post here, on things you can do!

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