Trail walks & play time!

Hello, and happy Sunday! We have been a pretty busy crew this weekend. It was chilly but gorgeous on Saturday, so I decided to take Chelsea out to see how she would do on a trail walk. After (gently) forcing her into the car, we went to the Micosukee Greenway, since one of the entrances is about 2 minutes from my house! I figured this would be good, in case she was too scared to do much. Also, I figured it wouldn’t be nearly as packed as the main dog park. (I drove, not because I am lazy, but because she is so fearful, and I wanted to make sure we actually made it to the park!)

Anyway, she was very nervous at first, and kept looking back at me with concern. But, after several minutes, she seemed to remember that I am the good guy, and trusted me to keep going on. She was scared of the few bikers & joggers we saw, but had no aggression, no barking, etc. She just would hide behind me while we let them pass. Then we came across an open field, and she really loosened up! She enjoyed taking a few minutes to lay in the sun, and roll around. It was really quite cute to see her acting like a real dog, by herself! I have a feeling Chelsea would make a great running/hiking partner! Here are a few pictures from our outing:

concerned look at the start of the walk...
concerned look at the start of the walk…
finally relaxing, enjoying the warm sunny field


















On Sunday, the plan WAS to take Oscar & Lucy out, but the weather spoiled that. It has been gray & windy here all day, so to avoid getting caught in the rain, we decided to play in the yard instead! Here are some pictures:









Oscar chasing Chelsea, chasing Lucy!
Oscar chasing Chelsea, chasing Lucy!














Jayden & Chelsea, checking things out!
Jayden & Chelsea, checking things out!

As you can see, it is getting easier to get some pictures of Chelsea. She is still terrified of my phone (camera), but was better with the real camera today. She also will coming running up to me now to give me big sloppy kisses! She still definitely has her moments, and sometimes just wants to go back to her kennel. But Chelsea really is coming along, and has already opened up in just the short week that I have had her.

Anyway, I hope you all have had lots of fun adventures, and if so, feel free to share! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Here’s a sloppy kiss from Oscar!



11 thoughts on “Trail walks & play time!”

  1. I have been trying to find different places to go with my dog to help her get exercised, but I am too afraid to go to a dog park. Is the Micosukee Greenway a good alternative?

    1. Definitely! The few times that I have been, it is not busy. There were a couple bikers & a few joggers, nothing compared to how busy Tom Brown is though! Maybe I’ll do my blog tomorrow on parks around tally! 🙂

      1. I actually just started fostering for them as well! I was fostering Prince who got adopted yesterday. Waiting to see who they give me next 🙂

      2. Ooh awesome! He’s a sweet boy, so happy that he got adopted. Well I’m sure they will fill your vacancy soon! 😉

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