Dogs in the News!

Good morning all, and happy Thursday! It’s time for “Dogs in the News!”

Elton-ABC news

This handsome boy is Elton. He is a bulldog mix, dumped at a kill shelter. Why, you ask, was he dumped? Because the owner thought he was gay, and didn’t want a gay dog. I have no words for the idiot person, but I know the dog is better off now, that’s for sure! Read his story here.



This lady is Jo Amerson, a mail carrier in Pennsylvania. While on her route, she noticed a house was on fire. Read the rest of her heroic story here!


Newark Mayor
Thanks to social media, and some concerned reporters, the Mayor of Newark saved a freezing dog. Read about their story here!


And now for a local story from Last Hope Rescue, about how they saved a couple of puppies from being put to sleep (one is pictured below)!

LHR puppy

“The other morning, we drove about 100 miles to a rural shelter in the FL panhandle, to save a young puppy. We received a call from our vet in the afternoon that the pup tested HIGH POSITIVE for PARVO. The shelter had to be notified about the parvo. After numerous conversations, emails and phone calls, we decided to save the other young puppies in this shelter, getting them veterinary care versus them being euthanized this morning. THIS IS THE GOOD PART! The Animal Control officer could not come meet us at the shelter but gave us permission to climb over the fence and enter the facility.  She would alert local law enforcement dispatch that we would be there. With a plan in place, crates, towels, cell phones and flashlights, Angela and Jill set out in the rain at 7pm to save some puppies! A little over an hour later, they were climbing over a fence(with visions of sirens and handcuffs in their head), to rescue some puppies. One at a time, with a puppy in their arms, a climb back over the fence, the hand off, and a puppy was safely in a crate. This was successfully repeated 3 times, and everyone arrived safely back in Tally around 11pm. Dana welcomed us all into her home where she had made a comfy, overnight isolation room.  This morning, Dana transported the pups to the vet and we are waiting to hear about their medical status.  PARVO is expensive to treat and we will be setting up a Chipin for their medical care.  We will post pics of these babies soon. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.”

This is the reason that I love volunteering for the rescue. Stories like this remind me of why I have a house filled with dogs! (Well, I just have 3 but it feels like a lot sometimes!) The other puppies were going to be put to sleep simply because they had been around the other parvo puppy. Knowing that it is possible that they too have parvo, Last Hope still stepped up & saved their lives! This organization is made up of a wonderful group of volunteers, that is certain!

If you would like to follow these puppies, and Last Hope Rescue, check out their facebook page:

LHR Logo

2 thoughts on “Dogs in the News!”

  1. Awesome stories! Parvo is a horrible virus, but isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Because of the expense, though, most rescue groups don’t want to take on parvo pups. Kudos to Last Hope Rescue! I’m glad I gave a parvo pup a chance. Grimm wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t (and how boring my life would be without that big knucklehead in it).

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