Friday’s Facts: Helping Homeless Dogs!

There are so many homeless animals in this country alone, and yet we still have backyard breeders (the irresponsible ones that are just out to make a buck!) adding to the numbers. Not to mention the strays that are not spayed/neutered! It is impossible to know how many stray dogs there are, but the numbers are thought to be in the 5+ millions. Many of these dogs end up in shelters, and then are euthanized. Today’s facts are on the many things we can do to help these homeless dogs.

#1-Many rescue groups and shelters depend on foster homes. I volunteer for Last Hope Rescue, so of course, I promote them. Last Hope is an organization fully made up of volunteers. Most of whom also have full time jobs, families, and/or their own pets to care for. All of the events, meet & greets, dogs walks, etc, happen because of the volunteers. There are MANY rescue groups and shelters in every city, and endless dogs that need homes. You can help breed specific groups, cat rescues, humane societies…No matter which organization you choose to help, you are saving a life!

Foster Poster

#2-Funding for shelters is sometimes provided by the government, depending on the type of organization. However, due to the economy, this funding has greatly decreased. Funding for rescues is strictly donations. When you foster a dog, you are provided with a kennel, blankets, food, leash, etc. All of these items are donated, or are bought with the monetary donations that the group has received. So, if you decide your dog needs a new bed, some fancy new bowls, or even a new collar, donate the old ones to a local rescue or shelter. Old bed linens? Donate! They WILL take it! Also, some stores, like Publix, will sometimes have a “Buy 1, Get 1” sale on dog items. Why not keep 1 for your’s, and donate the other to a shelter or rescue? Every donation helps, no matter how big or small, old or new! (If you would like to make a donation to Last Hope Rescue, click here!) PS-Donations are tax deductible, so save your receipts!

#3-So maybe you aren’t ready to open your home to a foster dog, and you can’t afford a donation. Totally understandable! In this case, volunteer your time. I know we are all busy…I have an active 6 yr old, a full time job that I sometimes travel for, as well as more than one dog to care for. I know that times are hectic…but if you really evaluate your schedule, I am willing to bet you have a free hour or two, that you could donate! Many shelters need their dogs to be walked. If you are a Tallahassee resident, you may have seen the local shelter dogs being walked at Tom Brown Park. Offer to help walk the dogs. These dogs are confined to concrete kennels, with other non-stop barking anxiety ridden dogs. Shelter life, I assure you, is no fun! Some of these dogs may not leave the shelter alive. The least we can do is let them get some fresh air & time to stretch their legs!


#4-Don’t ignore stray dogs! If you see a stray, stop to see if you can help. Maybe they have a tag with an owner’s phone number. Take them to a local vet or shelter where they can check for a microchip. If you are unable to stop, take note of the area (street names, buildings) and a detailed description of the dog, and report it to animal control. Now yes, this may result in the dog eventually being put down. However, you could also potentially be saving their life. There may be an owner searching, or even an adopter that ends up getting the dog. A slight chance of a good life has to be better than wandering the streets or worse!

This is Maddy. She was found on the side of a busy road. Thanks to a good samaritan, she is now in the rescue, and available for adoption!
This is Maddy. She was found on the side of a busy road. Thanks to a good samaritan, she is now in the rescue, and available for adoption!

#5-SPAY/NEUTER YOUR OWN PET!!!!! I can’t say this enough! By spaying your pet, you are ensuring that there will not be another litter of unwanted puppies. Although YOU may be a responsible pet owner, there is no gaurantee that the person buying that puppy is going to be responsible. This is how the cycle goes, adding to the already over populated shelters filled with unwanted dogs!


I hope you have learned a little something today, about the many ways that we can help these pups. If this post inspires just one person to do something, I will feel like it is a success! Feel free to share your ideas or ways of helping too!

PS-Speaking of donations, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not send a pup some lovin?! For just $14, a company is selling tins of doggie presents, that you can send to the rescue/shelter of your choice (You must pick Last Hope Rescue!).  😉 Click here to find out more!



Have a great weekend, my friends! And as always, thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Friday’s Facts: Helping Homeless Dogs!”

  1. i firmly believe in spay and neutering. full breed dogs are on the rise in our local shelters. if you must get a full breed dog, do your homework and find a breeder who is breeding to improve the breed.

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