Dogs in the news

Time for Dogs in the News! imagesCAG31N1V


This first article is about a lady and her mom seeing the light about pitbulls, and the rescue group she started.



This next story is so sweet! It is about a blind sled dog, and his brother who helps guide him. Imagine if we treated everyone with the kindness and loyalty that dogs show!



My third story is an update on the Michael Vick dogs. Honestly, I hate to refer to them as that, because they are so much more than that, but it is how they were initially known to the public. I read the book that was written about their rescue, called The Lost Dogs. It is a book full of determined, passionate people, with some heart wrenching endings, but many happy endings too. I highly recommend you to read it! Here is a picture of some of the dogs & their owners, 5 years after their rescue, and with the update below:



Now, in case you haven’t noticed, I am a lover of bully breeds! I truly think pitbulls unfairly have a horrible reputation, and the good things about them are hardly ever in the news. I believe that ALL dogs have a potential to be mean and aggressive, just as ALL dogs have the ability to be loving and sweet. It is all on how they are treated, and shown how to behave. Here is an interesting article on the 3 most aggressive breeds…you might be suprised!









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