Oscar’s Loving Stares

Oscar is the little disabled pup that I have been fostering. I think I briefly mentioned him before. He was pulled from a shelter on one of his last days. No one was stepping up for him, so I begged & offered to take him. He was clearly severely malnourished as a pup, and maybe abused as well. He is a little pocket pit! He is about a year old, very short and about 30 lbs. He is well behaved, crate & potty trained, and even knows “sit” & “down”. I would assume this means he WAS someone’s pet…so who knows what he’s been through in the first 11 months of his life. Since I have had him, he has really come out of his shell. He has no fear of anyone or thing. He loves to play with rope toys, tossing them in the air and chasing after them. Though he does limp, and can’t put much weight on his left front leg, he keeps up with the big dogs. I’ve started taking him for short walks (and by short, I mean like 10 mins long). He does ok on them, but gets tired very quickly. On the way back, I have to coax him along to get back home. He doesn’t show any signs of pain though, so I am hoping it is just endurance that needs to be strengthened. I hate leaving him home when I take Lucy to the park! So anyway, I have said before, I think rescued dogs somehow know that they have been given another chance, and this is still true with Oscar.  He follows me around every where I go, likes to be cuddled up as close as can be…he also lovingly stares. I know he isn’t sleeping because he blinks, and every so often will look away. He does this ALL the time. Here are some pictures of his stares, caught in action!


























here he is staring at Lucy…



and my favorite one, because it looks like he is actually smiling….


So, some of you that read this are also doggie foster moms. Do you believe that the dogs in your life have been thankful for the chance you have given them?

6 thoughts on “Oscar’s Loving Stares”

  1. Maybe he’s afraid if he blinks, his fairy tale will end… Yes, I do think they know because they try so hard to be chosen when someone walks through the shelter looking for a dog to take home. I also think that they give back much more love than we can even imagine once they get used to the idea that they are safe and loved.

  2. Oscar is a doll! Give him a big snuggle for me!

    I truly believe dogs understand more than we give them credit for. I do think they know when they are given a second chance. Even if they don’t, however, it doesn’t matter. It makes me feel better, makes me a happier person, to be able to save a dog. Because I am happier, my dogs pick up on my state of being and are more content, too.

    If all the dogs (and cats) I have rescued/fostered/found homes for over the years could talk, I know they would tell me how truly thankful they were to have been given another chance. I would tell them how truly remarkable each and every one of them was and thank them for making my life more meaningful because they were a part of it.

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