Friday’s Facts: Why do dogs hiccup?

I don’t know about you, but I HATE getting the hiccups! They are just plain annoying! It makes me wonder what dogs think when they get them. So, I did some research on dogs and hiccups, and here is what I found:

-Hiccups are a result of a diaphragm spasm. The air rushes suddenly into the  lungs and may affect the vocal cords, producing the hiccup sound.

-Puppies get hiccups often, although any aged dog can get them as well.

-Common causes: eating too quickly, excitement, stress


-Rare causes: respiratory defect, asthma, heart condition

-An episode of hiccups can be brief, but could also last up to several minutes or even hours. (Yikes!)

-Assuming they are from a natural cause, here are some at-home remedies to help your pup: massage your dog’s chest, distract him with a toy, have them drink water, take a walk. Or, just ignore them, since they will go away on their own.


If your dog is experiencing hiccups for extended periods of time, or has any additional symptoms (gagging, vomitting, etc), then you should consult your vet.

So, that’s what I learned about hiccups. I hope you learned something too!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Facts: Why do dogs hiccup?”

  1. Sometimes they make a noise that sounds like a hiccup but not quite. These are “reverse” hiccups, which are also hiccups but sound alot worse. Thanks for this educational post. Happy Friday to you too!

    1. Is that the same as the “backward sneeze”? The one that makes an awful, snorting sound? That one is always alarming!

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