Sassy Update!

I heard from Sassy’s new mom, Jan, today! She says Sassy is doing great! Jan’s son visited with his dog, Bailey, to meet Sassy over the weekend.

Bailey & Sassy became fast friends, and even look similar:

sassy & Bailey

Jan’s dogs are doing their best to get used to Sassy (she is energetic, and sassy afterall!). The cats are getting brave, and trying to see what she is all about. Sassy gets a bit overly excited though, as she’s never met cats before. Jan is wonderfully patient, and knows that they all will soon be buds!

In the meantime, Sassy plays with the cats’ toys:

Sassy Update2

Jan ended her email by saying: “I really love her to death and am so happy I found her!”

I am so thankful that Sassy is now in a fantastic home, with someone that will give her endless love and patience. Endings like this are the reason I love fostering dogs! Thank you Jan!!

Sassy & Duke


(To read more about Sassy’s history, click here!)

12 thoughts on “Sassy Update!”

  1. They sure do look similar – like twins or siblings at least. Great job, RADOM (Rebecca Amazing Daughter of Mine!)

  2. We are meeting with some really wonderful families for our first foster, Georgia. I have a feeling that one of them is going to result in the perfect match. It is so bitter-sweet for us, but it helps to know that I am not alone! Thanks for sharing.

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