Bucket List

Recently a friend on facebook mentioned writing down her bucket list. It got me thinking, what would be on mine. Here are a few of the things on my list:

1-See Adele in concert.

2-Meet/find someone that loves me and Jayden, and my dogs, faithfully and forever.

3-Own my own home. (Check!)

4-Take a trip to Hawaii.

5-Foster rescue dogs. (Check!)

6-Own an English Bulldog. (This has been on my Christmas list for as long as I can remember. Seriously, ask my parents! Someday, I WILL have one!)


7-Make a difference in someone’s life.

8-Ride in a hot-air balloon.

9-Travel to Africa.

10-Swim with dolphins.


11-Live in my dream home. (One where I don’t share a wall with a neighbor!)

12-See the Grand Canyon.

13-Go back to Greece, so I can really appreciate it this time! (I was in middle school the first time I traveled there, and was not mature enough to appreciate the exquisite beauty!)

14-Visit, work, or volunteer at a dog sanctuary. (Like Best Friends Animal Society!)

15-Have my own “Good Citizen” dog. (meaning, complete the training with my own personal dog.)

16-Fly first class.

17-Ride on a Vespa.

18-Become a mom. (I always wanted 3 boys, but the one will have to do! He is the love of my life!)


19-Visit Chicago.

20-Become an aunt. (Check x2!)

21-Ride a horse on a beach. (Horse riding is my favorite childhood memory. I did lots of shows, and trail riding, but never rode on a beach!)

22-Hold a baby orangutan.

orang_utan_babies of beautiful dangerous animals beautiful african rainforest animalspictures

23-Be in the audience of the Ellen talk show.

24-Meet Bradley Cooper. (He’s dreamy.)

25-See a broadway show in NY City.

Those are just a few of the things on my bucket list. I have already been very blessed to travel and experience some amazing things. But, I have SO many more places I want to see, and things I want to do! What is on your bucket list?

Here is Jayden’s:
1-See the Grand Canyon. (Canyon was a spelling word last week!)

2-Ride in a real race car.

3-Jump out of an airplane. (what?!?)

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