Weekend Update

Quick weekend update!

Sassy went to her new home today! The adopter, Jan, has to go out of town at the end of this month, so basically we are doing a two week trial adoption. This will give Sassy & Jan time to get to know each other, and to see if Sassy gets along with the resident cats and dogs. Sassy will come to me for doggy-sitting, that way she doesn’t have to be watched by someone new, right after going to a new home. If all has gone well, then Jan will pick Sassy up on her return, and they will officially be a new fur-ever family! Good luck, my little sassy girl!

Sassy, sitting pretty!


Everyone got to have a little cuddle time, since it was Sassy’s last night!











Meanwhile, Lucy & Oscar will just be hanging out, enjoying this beautiful weather. Lucy is attending her first pack walk tomorrow with the Tallahassee Walkabulls! What will you be doing this weekend? Whatever it is, enjoy! 🙂




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