Puppies, meet & greets, and more! Oh my!

Exciting, fun things happening lately!

Friday night we got a new foster puppy! He came from a shelter in Gainesville, and is a tiny little thing. He seems to have suffered from severe malnutrition, which stunted his growth. This causes him to limp, but he doesn’t notice or care! He is about 11 months old, 30 lbs, and won’t get much bigger. Everyone at the vet’s office was calling him a pocket pit! He met both Lucy & Sassy, and is already BFF’s with them! He loves to be with me or Jayden, and wants to know where we are going as soon as we move. He is SO sweet, and is a total lover! Meet Oscar:

OscarSassy & Oscar









On Saturday, Last Hope Rescue was part of a big adoption event. A couple of their adoptable dogs were there, and were defintely getting some attention! Hopefully at least one will get a forever home out of it! They also had pretty new flyers about fostering, but unfortunately it doesn’t sound like anyone signed up for that. They are in desperate need of foster homes, so if you or anyone you know is interested, contact them asap, please!




On Sunday, after letting Oscar hang out in the front yard with me while doing some yard work, I took the girls to the trails at Tom Brown Park. (Because of Oscar’s limp, he most likely won’t get to come on any long walks with us.) It was a GORGEOUS day here in Tallahassee! It was warm, with a perfectly cool breeze, which means the park was packed! I really love one of the long trails at Tom Brown (I think it is called the Cadillac Trail), because it has lots of hills and turns. Makes for good exercise, but you have to watch out for the bikers! Lucy & Sassy had a great time, enjoying the scenery and saying hello to everyone we passed!

Sassy walk



Sassy & Lucy












And for some more exciting news, Sassy has a meet & greet scheduled for Tuesday evening! The lady is coming all the way from Georgia to meet her. If all goes well, then she will proceed with the adoption process. She sounds like a very nice lady, and has been emailing me asking how Sassy was recovering from her spay surgery. She also sent us pictures of her dogs and grand-dogs! So, keep your fingers, toes, & paws crossed for Sassy!

2 thoughts on “Puppies, meet & greets, and more! Oh my!”

  1. Thank you!! Yes, he is a little pocket pit and is a total angel! 🙂 Re: Sassy, It seems to have gone well..I don’t want to jinx it, but she is set to go to the adopters house on Saturday! 🙂

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