Thursday Funnies: Dog Shaming!

Yesterday’s post was a little serious and a lot of venting. So, today I thought I would keep it light and simple! I love the dog shaming trend. The pictures crack me up, and I definitely know some pups that could have some secrets told (ex: my mom’s devilish Chihuahua!). Here are some funny ones that I found (disclaimer: all of these were found online. I did not take these pictures, and I do not know the dog/owners). Enjoy! 🙂

"I ate an entire stick of butter and I don't even feel bad about it."
“I ate an entire stick of butter and I don’t even feel bad about it.”
"I went into the bathroom to eat garbage. The door shut and I panicked... -Mack"
“I went into the bathroom to eat garbage. The door shut and I panicked… -Mack”
“I defeated the “cone of shame” in 3 days. Mom got me a new one…challenge accepted! -Otis”
“While my mom put the leash on my brother, I lifted my lef and peed on her. Then we went out in the snow.”
“I ate Mom’s X-mas craft instructions. I am a jerk. -Rohan”
“I chased and barked at the Fed-Ex delivery guy, who got scared and ran. He tripped in the yard and fell on his face. Mom says I should be ashamed of myself but I’m not. -Maggie”
“I am a naughty inconsiderate chapstick eater. This is my 3rd tube this week!!!”
“I stole 2 large pieces of Naan bread meant for tonight’s dinner. Then I ran outside and barfed it all up…and then I ate that. I have no shame. -Oakley”
“I got out and stole Santa from our neighbor’s porch.”
“I like to eat Mom’s dirty undies and then puke them up in the middle of the night 3 days later.”
“I peed on my owner’s leg at dog obedience class!”
“I ate Santa’s face off. “Merry Christmas” -Chip
“I got myself stuck in the bathroom today and I panicked!”
“I ran away and got “arrested: for playing INSIDE the super market.”


If you would like a dog of your own to do silly funny things with, take a look at some adorable Adoptable Pups!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Funnies: Dog Shaming!”

  1. When you own a dog – or three- you have to have a sense of humor…they teach you not to take life so seriously… These photos made me laugh – now on my way to the training club, hoping to have fun and let the dogs teach me something new…;)

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