Where has the kindness gone?

So, yesterday I saw two things that baffled me, and I thought I would share. One is dog related, the other is not.

Non-dog related story:

Yesterday I was sitting at a busy intersection, and someone’s car broke down right in the middle of it. Within seconds, the person behind me was beeping and throwing his hands in the air, not taking one second to realize that NO CARS were moving and obviously something must be wrong! The dad gets his young son to run around & hop in the driver seat to steer, while he begins to push the jeep, up a hill, with TONS of traffic staring at him. Maybe 10 feet away is an adult male. He chose to stand there and watch, instead of helping. Then there were 4 younger males (maybe 14 yr old) waiting to cross the street. One of them ran across, and mouthed something like “Can I help you?” That young man proceeded to help push the car into a nearby parking lot, while his 3 friends continued to walk across the street, literally walking around the car to pass by the parking lot, without helping. I was so glad that I was up front & center to see this, and that my own 6 yr old son was with me. You can bet I took the opportunity to explain the difference b/t the boy that helped, and the other 4 people, including an adult, that ignored the situation. Jayden, being 6 years old, said that he would be too worried about finding his way home and how would he know if it was a bad stranger. I explained, in the best way that I could, that sometimes you have to have faith, and just be kind. I don’t know who I was more baffled by. The adult that just stood there, or the 3 boys that watched their friend help.






Dog-Related Story:

Jayden and I got home last night, around 7:30pm. It was dark out, and my neighborhood doesn’t have much lighting. As we get out of the car, a miniature pinscher runs up to us. He has no collar on, and there is no one in sight. As we are saying hello to him, I see someone about 5 or so houses down, at their car. I shout down the road to ask “Is this your dog?” She says, “Yeah.”…and continues to walk in to her house. What the?! So as Jayden and I are walking in to our house, the dog is following us. He stopped to smell something, and we popped inside. Then I had to take Sassy outside on a leash, because she was just spayed that morning. We walk out the door, and there is the min pin, still hanging out in my yard. As I am letting the dogs say hello, I see the girl driving in her car from the end of my road back to her house. I assume she was looking for the dog..although, her windows were up, and she was driving rather fast (hello, your tiny dog is black, running loose, and it’s dark out!). So I continue to walk Sassy around my front yard, with the other pup following us around. I look down the road, and see this girl get out of her car, look down towards me, and walk away. She doesn’t call his name, doesn’t ask if I can still see him, and doesn’t apologize that her dog is in my yard, nothing! Not to mention, she is lucky that Sassy is nice. What if she tried to attack the dog?! He’s in MY yard! She finally made some sound with a water bottle or something, and the dog went running. Again, she said nothing to me. Isn’t it the neighborly thing to do, to at least say “Oh yes, sorry, that is my dog” and then at least ATTEMPT to call him out of my yard?! I am a dog person (and obviously so is my child, since he insisted “we bring the dog inside and take care of him like he deserves”), but there are plenty of people that are not. There are plenty of children that don’t like dogs.


What has happened to this world? Why do we only show kindess or respect for others during horrific tragedies? What happened to treating others as you want to be treated, on an every day basis? I am by NO means perfect. I can’t say that I’ve never yelled in traffic, or that I haven’t had a dog run off around the neighborhood. But, I try to always use my manners, show respect for others, and I try to treat others as I want to be treated. I tried to explain karma to Jayden, saying that if we were broke down, how we would really need help because I am not strong enough to push a car. So, you offer to help because you are a good, kind person, and knowing that one day, you will need someone to step up for you. It’s a shame that these days we think it is such a big deal when someone shows a simple act of kindness, like holding a door open, offering to help a person in need, etc. Shouldn’t it be the other way, being a big deal when someone is rude or impolite? Maybe one day this will change. Until then, I will challenge myself to be kinder, more respectful, and to be the best role model for my little boy, who I hope will grow to be a man with a great respect and appreciation for all living things.



4 thoughts on “Where has the kindness gone?”

  1. Jayden is a very lucky boy…and the world will benefit from having more kindness in it as a result of your mothering and your humanity. Our world and the way we treat each other is in pretty bad shape *unless* there is a newsworthy tragedy. It’s shocking to watch people go about their business when there is someone in need of help, I agree.

  2. You are SO right! It should be a big deal when people are rude, not when they are kind! I am baffled by this anomaly as well. Keep on keepin’ on woman! You have the best heart I know.

  3. Hang in there, sweetie. You are doing such wonderful things with your life that Jayden and anyone who spends much time around you will be better for having known you!

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