Weekend walks and such

Good morning, and happy Monday! (NOT!)

We had a great weekend, even though it rained most of the day on Sunday. Sassy and I attended our first pack walk, with Tallahassee Walkabulls, on Saturday! Pack walks are an excellent way to socialize your dog, and allow them to be part of a pack. This is especially great if your dog has any type of issues (fear-based aggression, anxiety, shyness, etc). Sassy was happy and confident as always, and enjoyed her time out on the trails!


In other happy news, my brother & his girlfriend decided to officially adopt Petey! (Read about their meet & greet here!) They think Petey is a great dog, very laid back, and perfectly well-behaved! Here are a couple of pictures of Sam and Petey hanging out:


I really thought Petey was going to be with me as a long timer, and I knew an adoption would be hard on my son. Petey is definitely his favorite! So, the fact that Petey has now been adopted by someone who will give him a fantastic, active life, AND it is within our family, is just amazing!

That’s all for today! Feel free to share your weekend adventures. And don’t forget to click the “Follow Me” button! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weekend walks and such”

  1. So happy for all of you now that Sam is adopting Petey! It’s the best of all possible outcomes for everyone.

  2. That’s great to hear! Send me pics of your outtings from time to time so I can update everyone. Give him a big hug from us! xoxo

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