In rememberance of…

This time of year always makes me a little sad because just before New Years Eve, in 2009, I had to say goodbye to my dog, Sebastian. He had a brain tumor that caused him to have seizures. He had a wonderful vet for the end of his life, who helped me try everything we could. When the meds could no longer keep him from having seizures, and it was clear that his quality of life was diminished, I made the heart-breaking decision to say goodbye.

Sebastian was the first dog that was my very own. We had had family dogs, and I had all kinds of other pets (hamsters, bunnies, even an iguana!). Sebastian, nicknamed Basti (“Bashi”), was MY dog though. He was loyal, loving, and a royal pain in the —! He liked to jump the baby gate, hated his crate, chewed on things, roamed the neighborhood, and pretty much ruled the house. As we grew up together though, he was always by my side. Over the years, we experienced life together, including great roommates, new relationships and break ups, moves out of state and back.

Then, Jayden came along! Basti was curious, sometimes uncertain, but always protective. They became fast friends:



When Basti was diagnosed with the tumor, and I knew the end was near, I had a lot of talks with Jayden. I explained over and over that Basti was sick, and that he would soon need to go to Heaven. After Basti was gone, Jayden would randomly have sad days. We would talk about how much we missed him, how even though we knew he was better now, we still wished he was here with us.

As a dog owner, you know this day will eventually come. The day when you will be told that the end is coming, when you will have to decide to say goodbye. Sometimes, that day comes a lot sooner than you had planned, and you don’t have time to adjust to what is coming. Which would be better, having time or it happening quickly, I’m really not sure. Either way, it is painful and heart breaking. These animals are so loving, and loyal; playful, and trusting. They bring joy and unconditional love to our lives.

In remembrance of my Basti, and all of his doggie friends that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, may they rest in peace. basti4

8 thoughts on “In rememberance of…”

  1. As one of those roommates and one of Basti’s favorite aunts I can attest to what a wonderful dog, companion, friend he was. We miss you old friend and think of you often. I know you are happy and wiggling that little nub as you watch over us. 🙂

    1. So true! Jayden was looking at a picture of Basti that I keep in my car, and said “aww nubby nubs, I love you” 🙂

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