All things Sassy!

Today I am going to put the word out about Sassy! I already introduced her in a previous post, but she deserves a post all to herself!

When Sassy was only about 8 weeks old, she came to Last Hope Rescue.  I was asked to watch her for a weekend while her foster mom went out of town. Well, she ended up getting VERY sick due to parvo. Due to this, she then stayed with me until she was healthy and adoptable.


She was adopted to a family, and was with them for a couple of months. Then, next thing ya know, she was being returned. Sassy had not done any thing that a normal, untrained, 7 month old puppy would do.

Sassy is a very sweet girl, and is happy to please. A feisty, goofy pup, her name suits her well! We are actively working on “sit”, “off”, and “leave it”. She is doing very well, and will soon master these skills! She loves to play, and is fully potty and crate trained. She covers my son in kisses, and is good with the other dogs. She is even good on a leash, as I found out at the park on Saturday:


I am hoping she will soon find a forever family, one that will give her the time and attention she deserves. Until then, I will continue working and cuddling with her! As I tell her every day, she is a good dog, but it is time to learn to be a valuable member of society! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone! Have fun, and be safe!

4 thoughts on “All things Sassy!”

  1. I’ve said it before and will say it again, you are an awesome foster mom! Thank you for all you do for Last Hope Rescue and I love your blog.

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