Exciting News!

Ok, as promised, I have some very exciting news! After driving about 300 miles, roundtrip, Petey is at a week long meet and greet!! Even better, it is with my brother, Sam, & his girlfriend, Daphne!!!!!!

Sam was in town for Christmas, and met Petey at that time. He saw what a fantastic dog Petey is, talked to Daphne about it, and then asked me about the adoption process. Now Petey is in Atlanta, staying with Sam and Daphne for the week. If all goes well, they will adopt. No hard feelings if they decide otherwise, of course. I am so happy that they are giving him a chance though, and have all fingers and toes crossed that it works out! Here are some pictures of today’s adventure!

First it was bath time!
First it was bath time!
Then we were on the road!

Finally, we got to the meeting spot! Petey wagged his tail, hopped into their car, and settled right down!

I gave them all the specifics about caring for Petey, and explained that sometimes he gets a little anxious in a new place, he may not eat much for the first couple of days, yada yada. Well Petey proved me wrong! He seems to be totally at home, ate all his dinner, and has been hanging out in the backyard: peteyatsams2peteyatsam's

So, that is the exciting news! Keep your fingers crossed that Petey has found his forever home with Sam & Daphne! And to Sam and Daphne, thank you for giving Petey a chance. I hope you love him as much as we do!

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