Introducing my furry fosters!

Since I am just starting out, I thought I would give a quick line up of my past and current fosters (don’t worry, there aren’t too many!)

My very first foster was Petey. I started out having him for a couple of weeks while his foster mom went out of town. Then, when she had to move, I became Petey’s foster mom. Petey is a 7 yr old Pointer mix. He is a complete angel! He knows all of the basic commands, and actually listens to them. He is very laid back and quiet. After several months, he was adopted by a family. Long story short, after about 4-5 months, they decided to return him, through NO fault of his own. So, Petey is back with us. Meet Petey:


My next foster was Toby. Toby is a 1 yr old Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix, basically a gentle giant! He was coming to the rescue group from a previous adopter, who realized that Toby was too big for their home/lifestyle. Umm, how small did they think a Great Pyrenees would be?! No judging here! He was an interesting experience, that is for sure! He was really very well-behaved, but he was just as much of a spaz as my dog, Lucy. And he was a LOT of dog! He went to a great couple though, who was looking for exactly what Toby was. They have plans to train Toby to be a therapy dog, for visiting nursing homes. I have no doubt that Toby will bring tons of joy to everyone he meets! toby3

Then there was Sassy, my little parvo puppy! I was only supposed to have her for a weekend, but she ended up getting very sick (near fatal) from parvo. Because my house was then already infected, she stayed with me until she regained her health & then was adopted. Unfortunately, she too was returned. She basically was left outside, alone, all day long. Because she was bored (wouldn’t you be?!), she began to dig, and do some other puppy-like things, and they sent her packing. So, now I have her back…and so far, she is a total joy to have! She needs to learn basic commands, as she is 7 months old and doesn’t even know “sit”, but she is house & crate-trained. She is a sweetheart, and loves the other dogs and my son. I feel certain she will be adopted in no time! Here is a pic from puppyhood & a current one: 388843_4538999635649_2111854838_n photo 4

Last, but definitely not least, was Lola my favorite! Lola came to the rescue from a local shelter, ready to be put to sleep because they were full. She was about 9 months old, terrified, and had clearly never been an inside dog before. She had no idea what to do with toys, was not potty trained, and preferred to be around my dog then any person. She quickly learned that my house is a safe place where you are spoiled with love! Lola began plopping herself in anyone’s lap that would have her, and was happy to please. She had a major fear of cars…the sound of one, getting in one, riding in one. She shook like a leaf, panted and drooled excessively. I started working on her every day with short little trips. I eventually got her to at least walk up, and get in willinging, as long as she could be on my lap. Anyway, I could really go on about her forever. I think because she truly needed unconditional love and spoiling, my mommy instincts kicked in, and I fell in love with her. She was adopted by the MOST amazing, dog-loving, well-informed couple. They have another pittie mix, and wanted to give her a sister-pup. Lola fit right in, and adjusted to her new home. This couple is so great, they even allow me to keep in touch & visit! I got to see Lola right before Christmas, and she was just perfect!


my son & I, visiting with Lola at her forever home
my son & I, visiting with Lola at her forever home

Ook, that was a lengthy post, but that is everyone! I seriously doubt I will ever have that much to say again! So, until next time!

8 thoughts on “Introducing my furry fosters!”

  1. I admire you so much for doing this great work. I have 3 little rescued doxies (4 until recently) and I can’t imagine fostering dogs because I don’t think I could ever give them up. You’re an angel!

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